December 20th Science News: the Yellow chapter will lead Charm Blue product planning

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Tencent released the poster: "Jedi survival" serving the country's anti plug group set up "Jedi

survival" hanging open problem has seriously affected the game player of the game experience, the Tencent in China will not stand idly by. Yesterday (December 19th) evening, the Tencent officially announced the establishment of the Jedi life clothing anti external group, and played the slogan: "life without hanging" is just as strong.

earlier this month, Tencent "Jedi survival" National Service official micro has issued a statement that it will strongly crack down on plug-ins and make sellers, and punish external users severely. Tencent and PUBG company jointly set up a new defense program to confirm the use of plug-in, the plug-in game player (especially the anchor and players), will be permanently suspended Jedi "survival" official tournament. As for the "

" national service on-line when the Jedi survive, there has been no official response, but gaming sources will go on WeGame on christmas. (source: fast science and Technology)

review: "Jedi survival" wants to go further in the future, to crack down on the outside, is a thing to do. Meizu

and new adjustments: Yellow chapter will lead Charm Blue product planning

12 Sept. 19, @ old blasting technology released micro-blog, Meizu technology this afternoon issued a new notice: founder Huang Zhang will personally led Meizu and charm blue product planning and building.

pictures from Vision China. For this, Phoenix network technology has been confirmed by Li Nan, vice president of Meizu technology and enchanting blue business division. Li Nan said that after taking over the planning and building of the gal's product next year, the resources of the Huang Zhang will help Glan to launch a more firepower attack next year.

last year Meizu issued more than 10 products, but because the Meizu brand is too homogeneous with the design language of the branded product, it has been criticized by the user. The Yellow chapter will also make the planning and building of the Meizu blue. It is a great benefit for the Meizu and the Meizu blue next year. (source: Phoenix Science and Technology)

review: this year the Meizu's "voice" is indeed a little weak, looking forward to next year's performance.

" Microsoft employees actively respond to sexual assault scandal: stop mandatory arbitration agreements

according to the "New York Times" reported on December 19th, Microsoft said on Tuesday local time, the company has removed the compulsory arbitration agreement with the claims of sexual harassment of employees, and to support the ban this protocol of federal law. Brad Smith, President and chief justice officer of Microsoft (BradSmith), said in a telephone interview, "people's silence has conniving the long-term existence of sexual harassment. "

also, Smith said, the dissolution of the arbitration agreement with the harassment of employees is a measure that Microsoft can take immediately. But Microsoft's move is symbolic, because only a few employees have a compulsory arbitration agreement with the company. In events unrelated to harassment and discrimination, Microsoft still requires these employees to comply with the compulsory arbitration agreement. (source: cnBeta)

Adidas announced its withdrawal from the field of wearable hardware

, according to U.S. media "Portland business daily" reported that Adidas officially announced its withdrawal from the field of wearable hardware, the future is no longer the production of wearable devices, but turned to software development, while Adidas disbanded their digital sports department. In the past few years, Adidas has launched a number of fitness tracking equipment, but it has been unsatisfactory in sales, which is also an important reason for its choice. (source: fast)

Hyperloop One financing $50 million virgin founder chairman

as a troubled super high iron company, British Virgin Group investment Virgin Hyperloop One has just passed two foreign investors received $50 million financing. The final file

obtained by Bloomberg, Dubai's DP and Russia's Caspian Venture Capital World in convertible bonds and warrants combination, respectively to the Virgin Hyperloop One invested $25 million. People familiar with the matter also said that Virgin Hyperloop One also appointed the founder of the Virgin Group, Richard Branson (Richard Brandson) as chairman. (source: Sina)

FF financing Oolong: Jia Yueting has not yet raised "continued life money"

Losangeles time on December 13th, Faraday Future (Faraday Jia Yueting in the future, hereinafter referred to as FF) within the General Assembly announced that, after investors and nearly a month of negotiations, FF has successfully completed over $1 billion A round of equity financing. But now the story seems to have changed.

" the Economic Observer reported that the Economic Observer reporter from a PR person in charge of the United States FF exclusively learned that the current FF financing has not been successful, "we are still waiting for news. Previously, FF announced that the Stefan Krause, the chief financial officer who took office for nine months, was officially dismissed. Krause was also expelled at the same time and had just joined the chief technology of FF just a few months ago.
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