The United States was disappointed in itself and transferred it to China.

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guanchazhewang· 2017-12-20 08:17:00

[Wen / observer network columnist Jin Canrong]

, on the afternoon of December 18th local time, Trump announced his first national security strategy report. This 68 page report refers to 33 times in China and 25 in Russia. Similar to previous predictions, the report identifies China as a "strategic competitor" in the United States and is a very unfriendly report to China.

local time on December 18th, Trump released his first national security strategy report

from my personal point of view, the report is disappointed. First, the report puts China as a strategic competitor and a revisionist country in the United States, which is a more stringent position. Before the United States government Harvard University Professor Johnston believes that Chinese at least temporarily still maintain the status quo of the country, but now the United States believes that Chinese is challenging the United States order of the country, this position is negative, it also shows that Chinese this year made great efforts to promote the establishment of Sino US constructive partnership, the United States is not accept. Although Secretary of state Tillerson visited China in March, he had said that the United States had to establish a constructive relationship with China, and also had to manage the next fifty years. Now the mainstream opinion of the United States is not friendly to China.

second, the report shows that the national security strategy center of the United States has returned to the traditional big geopolitical game. After the cold war for a long time, the United States believes that traditional powers relatively stable and controllable, from George W. Bush to Obama period, the non-traditional security such as climate change, network security, terrorism, row to the first, followed by the rogue state, the third is the traditional competitive power. But now Trump's report replaces the relationship between the traditional powers first, and his security strategy is a bit of a return to the cold war.

this report and set the tone of China, that the United States of Chinese strategic awareness fully upgraded, of which there are several reasons for the China doubt US strategy: one is the nineteen report, Americans read from triumphalism, think Chinese overconfidence, they are very dissatisfied. In addition, several proposals were put forward in the report, for example, the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics has expanded the way for developing countries to modernize and is also very vigilant for Americans. In the eyes of some Americans, the only way to modernization is the American road. If we want to achieve modernization, we must go through the way of the United States, and also have to leave the road to buy money. Now that China puts forward another road, Americans are of course not willing. We don't look down upon this point, Deng Xiaoping period challenge mode competition between China and the United States, so the mode of difference in the Sino US relations still play a role, but not the decisive role. After nineteen years, a number of strategists in the US began to think that China seemed to compete with the US in the mode competition, which was a serious problem, which completely damaged American self-esteem. They read some kind of overconfidence and triumphalism from it, so the defensive mentality of China was strengthened automatically.

" in the United States now inside the big problem, namely the establishment of Trump and vested interest group bukekaijiao, resulting in a decline in the quality of American politics. Add a few key roles on the Republican Congress, as chairman of the House International Relations Committee Royce, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee Mccain and Trump, appointed by the Defense Department Assistant Secretary of state for East Asian Affairs Xue Ruifu and so on, these people are strongly against china.

in addition, the social contradiction is very serious, I think now the American society has five major contradictions, the first is on the contradiction, the general public is not particularly satisfied with the American super rich Wall Street as the representative of the middle class, very angry, over the past 30 years, their standard of living rises without what, Wall Street has earned pots full bowl full, they feel that the United States is no longer president Lincoln told the people, by the people and for the people, but 1% people, the rule of man, people enjoy. The second contradiction is the left and right contradictions, the original Democratic Party is left, the Republican Party is right, but all are moderate, now the two sides are in the power of extremists. In December 2nd, the US Senate passed the tax reduction bill. On the same day, the Democratic left Saunders pointed out in his speech that this is the darkest day in the history of the United States, which is a bill to rob the poor and help the rich, which shows how serious the contradiction is in the US now.

third is a racial contradiction. After the equal rights movement in the 60s, the racial conflicts in the United States eased, but now there is a reverse racial discrimination in the US. Whites played the banner of "white supremacist", triggering a rebound of ethnic minorities and white liberals. The fourth is the contradiction between the virtual economic group and the real economy. The representative of the virtual economic group is Wall Street. The representative of the real economic group is the traditional coal, oil and automobile industry. The fifth social contradictions are the contradiction between nationalism and globalism. Trump himself is an economic nationalist, his campaign slogan is "America first", his first week issued a presidential decree, asked the United States to buy American business, hire Americans, is a typical economic nationalism, which formed the Wall Street, Silicon Valley, Hollywood and the representative of the global doctrine

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