A way to break up with the Taurus

And the Taurus the breakup the method the twelve constellations the man

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twelve in the constellation Taurus life of the Communist Party of China is a very great importance to the matter, and they are often very stubborn, but they are also a very practical person, their life is very practical, for he is also very stingy person, money is the biggest characteristic of fancy for Taurus people, so when you want to emotions and such Taurus must do break up the most simple and effective?


1. how to break up with the Taurus

, if you feel tired of temperate and stubborn Taurus, and he still regards you as a lover, things are a bit tough. Because Taurus once identified what is difficult to change, if a cow to break up unfeeling hurt is very thorough. Although their retaliatory action is slow, but the strength is very strong, I am afraid you will be very patient with you. You can use the

“ &rdquo line, break the pale; indulge in extravagance, intemperance, learn to like a wayward child is not satisfied. Let him create an economic crisis, and feel that you are going to empty his wallet. He will lose heart for your future. So it is the most effective way to make him choose to give up automatically.

2. is much less difficult to break up with Taurus male breakup

and Taurus boys than white sheep. But a man who is opinionated is hard to change his mind as soon as it is identified, just like love. He decided that you were the doomed person, even if the breakup would be silently waiting for you, it would make you feel owed to return to him. So, break up to break your image to lead a fast, as an understanding wife and loving mother, is not responsible for the appearance, so don't miss you. He will think that you are not worthy of his admiration, and there will be no objection to breaking up at this time. (fortune www.tiejiong.com)

3. how to guard and break up

Taurus woman Venus in Taurus woman, love also love the environment full of tender feelings, strong sense of security caused by material. She makes no grudges heart breaking up with you, need to slow down the steps, tell her not because she does not love the love is not good, no right or wrong. Be sure to avoid headline on the subject and describe it in a gentle tone. If two people love being mutual funds, should also be reasonable to return or compensate for her, let her feel you love for her friendship, good Niuniu finally will be relieved.

concluded: constellation Taurus is actually a very stubborn person, and they are very difficult to change their minds many times, if you don't like Taurus people. They want to break up is the best way to make yourself indulge in extravagance, break the pale, intemperance, this is the most difficult thing to accept for Taurus people, because their money is very important.

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