Old staff "pain" after 95 subordinates' mail, the sentence ligature!


huaxiashibao· 2017-12-20 12:27:10

recently circle of friends crazy pass a few shots, is a supervisor for his email, well intentioned, dry cargo very much every phrase a gem. Believe in the workplace the old driver who like me, there will be a deep chord. For young people, it can be used as a reference.

little Mencius:

you have been in the job for nearly a month. Again, you are welcome to join the company and join our team.

I've been on business in the near future. I can't talk to you, so write to you.

yesterday's meeting, it was too bad for you. It's my mistake. I apologize first. But, I think you must do reflection, including Wu later must also communicate with you, you do indeed have many deficiencies.

, in this email, I want to tell you, on the one hand, it can bring you improvement. On the other hand, the time spent is also hoping to help you.

as you young people say, I'm going to start the "tucking" you. You are smart, spiritually, and pure in your heart. You are a plastic person. Try hard and try to get correct early.

I want to see a good seed, because of the lack of guidance, and occupation development began to muddle along without any aim to spend this period of time is the most important.

next, what I'm going to say, may be something that you can hardly hear in the future.

these words may affect the enthusiasm of young people who have not been able to bear enough mental endurance. Even after 90 after 95, some are still very rebellious. At the same time, you are still in the period of investigation. Before the end of the exam, why should the examiner remind you of the answer?

so the next thing to say, I hope to help you.

" don't ask so much unnecessary why

years ago, when I was an intern, my director told me that he saw our frontline staff, their director and manager, is the same.

they need the most effective, the most capable soldiers. These soldiers are steadfast, if they can accomplish their tasks well each time, the next task they will get will be more arduous and bigger. Even if the new task is not what they are good at, the new task needs to be won, and it will be given to them.

so, don't ask so many unnecessary reasons. I think I'll tell you when I need to explain to you.

don't be modest pride,

as a rookie, just to work, what are not, you are a piece of paper, let your mind again.

so, when colleagues and predecessors, leading to speak, not kibitz, don't interrupt, because you may not, at the same time will disrupt each other's ideas, not respecting people.

work so many years, modesty, is a person can grow up, constantly make friends the most critical element. I think your modesty will begin by reading this confession I wrote to you.

is not just implementing

. You have to learn to move your mind. You need to know clearly my concerns and understand the core points of the matter, and use the most lean way to achieve it. If you don't know it, your output will not meet the requirements, let alone beyond expectations. In

society, the person who can do it is a great deal, but only before and when the execution is carried out, the person who is willing to move his mind will have the opportunity to become the leader.

in addition, the implementation of the time, you need to consider how to exceed expectations, to think of the thing you do involves all aspects, consider the risk, at the same time, don't fancy, not opinionated.

" don't go to dinner at noon,

out of contact with anyone to dinner with colleagues, I often see you a person to eat, and then encountered other colleagues on the road sector.

whether it's because you're too busy, or because you don't like to eat what they eat, or some other reason. What I want to say is that life and work can't be separated when they are in the company during the day. That is to say, you have to eat more with you, because in the work, only lunch is the most relaxing time to relax and communicate. This is the most important thing for colleagues to enhance their feelings and promote their understanding of cooperation. The understanding and recognition of each other, to a great extent, is based on the meal.

so, after today, eat with my colleagues.

do not play the lady's temper

, you are lazy, delay, the company will change. You lose your temper and you will be labeled as a "bad temper", no matter what you make up. The bad tempered people, most people will avoid it, and you want to wash out a label in a short time, it is quite difficult.

in the workplace, all the people to the company are hoping to do their job, get a better salary, get more space. You wasted yourself, is the loss of the company, you miss someone, is a dog in the manger.

, do not be rigid and timid.

, you are the youngest company. It is natural for us to give us some new ideas and bring fresh feelings and enthusiasm to our old colleagues. Why many companies are continuing to recruit new people, not only because of the old employees' leaving, or because of their business.

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