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| junior college this winter, warm heart movie one by one, before recently, we recommend the cartoon "dream ring travels" (the reading reviews), today, I want to introduce a more joy, for all children to watch the film - "Paddington Bear 2", not so much deep meaning, but make people laugh "British gentleman grow in mind". The

office at least two hours down, issued thirty times laughter, gave me a good mood is very warm. More importantly, both children and adults are much, should have a look, because Paddington is indeed a very good friend.

is simple and classic

gentleman character Paddington

this is a fear of spoilers good movies, every detail in the film, not only warm heart, more worthy of the significance of education, children experience. 2 "

" Paddington Bear the continuation of the first part of the story of Winnie was Paddington from Peru forest, traveling alone to London, but was Brown a shelter, slowly into this kind of a friendly, Paddington, even with every neighbor blocks inside. The second part of the

story, occurs in aunt Lucy (Paddington's mother) 100th birthday. Originally, aunt Lucy had to give up a trip to London Paddington to dream, to thank the upbringing, Paddington decided to aunt Lucy to send a special surprise.

almost visited all the shops in London, and he saw a valuable book. It contains all the landmark spots in London, which is very important for aunt Lucy.

" in order to save money to buy, Paddington started doing odd jobs around. But in the day before the evening, this book is inexplicably stolen, the police found the thief is Paddington, put him in prison......

" (the real thief, the villain is played by Hugh Glant)

two film the story is different, is the body of the One principle runs through it all. Paddington outstanding character. In the movie "the secret agent", we have seen the typical expression of the English gentlemen -- extreme self discipline, meticulous and meticulous appearance, honest and brave heart. Although Paddington is always sloppy, but he still has a gentleman temperament -- the one and only pure love and kindness, always believe that " you to others, others will be on you".

in the first book, Mr. Brown sensitive oversuspicious, is kind of Paddington infection, learning to open up on the side of the people, always want things to think......

"content_img_p" not only that, all blocks of friends and neighbors, or even a complete stranger, also to Paddington popular with

he will give every day passing girl with breakfast, with a key to remind a neighbor uncle, is preparing to accompany the adult college entrance examination cleaning homework, care kiosks small sister has no object...... Paddington to go, so where is the sun.

when Paddington decided to buy a birthday gift, he is not asking for help, but found by wiping the glass of his work, even autistic male neighbor said will not pay the service fee, Paddington still choose to wipe his glass......

and when all the good, seems to ashes - Paddington was put in prison, he still maintained a consistent style: stand up for the inmates, and communication in fierce food cook, and cook together, accidentally discovered the chef appearance aggressive, sensitive heart. At this time, he changed his attitude, encouraged the chef to improve his cooking, and the jails had set up a prison dessert.

therefore, when police caught by Paddington when all the neighbors are not convinced that this is the truth, was robbed the owner to prove innocence Paddington in court, canteen, parrot dog wolf, are combined to give a fair paddington. When

came to Paddington prison after all criminals have been touched his integrity, behavior becomes the rules, also let everybody follow Paddington escape together......

English gentlemen teach

the story about affection, about friendship, more about personal accomplishment. Paddington Bear not only a movie, it is a part of the British heart warm, and the British gentleman character

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