Pro7 Waterloo lost Meizu yellow chapter has become the "ceiling"?

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The winter of

2017 is also extremely cold for Huang Zhang in the south.

distance in January this year, Huang Zhang Meizu held the 2017 annual meeting of the new year has announced a comeback for nearly a year, in the three quarter for the mobile phone industry to compete in milliseconds, the chapter after the return in addition to released a new organizational structure, the company split into Meizu, Charm Blue and flyme three business department almost no other actions. When a few degrees from being hoped as the Saviour of the Yellow chapter, now do not always put Meizu back on track.

ironically, Huang Zhang said in return will reappear the dream machine Pro to build 7, today it seems to have reduced to a joke. From the supply chain less than one million orders, the third party business platform price jump more than half of the situation, although the official did not announce the real sales volume of Pro7, but this listing less than half a year's real flagship has become the burden of the Meizu.

someone always for the fault of "top ray", natural responsibility does not fall to boss Huang Zhang on the body; as one of the patriarch and founder of Bai Yongxiang reportedly Meizu have also been overhead; another veteran VP Li Nan should be glad that they had just been assigned to split the charm of blue, has nothing to do with the high-end Pro series; so, this is the responsibility of product development, rather baffling fall in sales body, Meizu division responsible for sales vice president Chu Chunmin turnover, most of which lead the sales team of employees will "return".

Chunmin Chu is not the first Pro7 series of failed back one pot. As early as September this year, Pan Yikuan, the vice president of Meizu business, who is also responsible for sales, has left behind in von. It's only been less than half a year since he joined Meizu.

Pro7 lost, MX7 dystocia, in this year, the friends of the company in the full screen, to build high-end flagship, while the Meizu fell out.

, in fact, is not the first time the Meizu is running against the mouth of the mobile phone industry. Before the first return of the Yellow chapter in

2014, the Meizu had been taking the "small and beautiful" route, and only one product was released a year. At the same time the friends in dumping thousands of machines crazy, trying to seize the market by the mode of multiple models; in 2015 when the popularity of intelligent machines in the bonus, the friends in the layout of high premium flagship machine, get the investment Ali Meizu began to frequent the new machine, it also launched a low end brand charm blue.

Meizu is rising with the popularity of intelligent machines, but it never finds its location in the draught. Finally, the problem began to highlight in 2017, which was released in Pro 7.


in Waterloo in July 26th this year, Meizu released its annual flagship Pro7 Series in the Guangdong opera house in Zhuhai, compared with last month in a press conference this year, Meizu launched only this product.

this is the first move after the return of the Yellow chapter, streamline the product line, end the impulse and transfer the center of gravity to the profit.

hopes to "behind the screen" design, in the same market domestic Meizu to rely on different strategies take cities and seize territory. However, since the autumn storm swept through the full screen mobile phone market, Meizu "screen" did not set off the slightest waves of innovation. In addition to the lack of innovation to hit the user's pain points,

has been criticized by the user for the performance of Pro7's processor. Although at the end of 2016, Meizu had reached a settlement in Qualcomm, but after six months, the flagship series Pro7 still used the MediaTek processor. This processor performance is roughly the same high level in 2016, with the flagship really great embarrassment. The highest price of the

Pro7 even on the probe to 4000 yuan price, for the Yellow chapter also dug HUAWEI terminal CMO Yang Zhe is responsible for marketing, successfully created HUAWEI high-end machine image before him. But the Meizu has been walking on the "small and beautiful" route, and its users are mostly students and fans. Similar to HUAWEI's "marketing strategy" and "high price", it is hard for them to get their approval.

reported earlier for Meizu Pro7 the back of the "screen" 3 million orders, three batches delivery, but only delivered the first batch of 1 million orders, Meizu has proposed a request to cancel the remaining orders. In this analysis, the sales of Pro7 can not even break through a million levels, a significant regression compared with the previous generation.

is currently on the Jingdong self run platform. The cumulative number of Pro7 is only more than 14000, which is dwarfed by 100 thousand + data from friends. Not only that, just listed 4 months Pro7 channel price collapse, the third party Jingdong, the lowest price is only 1600 yuan, compared with the listing price almost halved.

surface Pro7 loss to the high price, the wrong orientation, and a comprehensive high-end processor screen is missing, but the root cause of all this is that two years ago, Meizu has been complex product line down, not to put too much effort in the development of high-end products.

poison? The

technology circle has always had a joke, "the Meizu has 32 concerts this year." "Although it sounds a bit exaggerated, in fact, in the past 2016, the Meizu has released 14 mobile phones, and almost every month has a new appearance. Behind the

, the new machine is actually the helplessness of the Yellow chapter. There is a saying in the

industry that Ali has a betting agreement on the investment of the Meizu. Ali's investment is required to reach 20 million units in 2015, otherwise Ali will come in.

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