Philippines's navy commander suddenly dismissed due to opposition to the purchase of two modern warships

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dongyafengyunlu· 2017-12-20 17:44:36

12 month 19 days, Philippines navy commander Mccardo (or Mercado) will suddenly be dismissed.

according to the Philippines armed forces spokesman Colonel A Lee Valo on the day of the 19 generation of disclosure, get rid of McCarthy instructions from superior road duty, and by the philippine armed forces chief executive Li Luo yi.

Navy major general Byn Binder La was appointed as the commander of the naval commander. The power transfer ceremony was carried out on the morning of 19.

": Philippines's navy commander Mercado was dismissed (pictures from "Philippines inquirer")

A Lee Valo said McManaman road will be assigned to the chief of the general staff of the office work, "explains the change in command at the appropriate time. "

Philippines Navy spokesman Colonel said that the Navy for burial, McCarthy road admiral served during the Philippine navy commander for the dedication.

he said, a former navy commander was dismissed a thing, "I can not tell you the answer is yes, but please be assured that the Philippine navy has many competent and qualified leaders capable commander work. Therefore, today we welcome and respect before retirement and reserve affairs deputy chief of Staff Admiral Byn Binder La Phillips as commander of the Navy, and come into force in December 19th. "

analysis says, this is in opposition to Philippines's defense ministry McCarthy to implement the Navy's 16 billion pesos (about 2 billion 100 million yuan) to buy two modern warships or frigate plan after developments. The

frigate procurement plan is one of the two major modernizations of the former Aquino government funded Philippines armed forces. Another project, the plan to buy 12 fighters, has been completed.

map: Philippines Manila Bay

Philippines media reported earlier, a letter to the president, the road from Walter McCarthy requirements. It is said that the Secretary of defense Luoren Sanaa signed the letter.

but when the media in Philippines in early December to Luoren Sana'a show the letter, the defense minister said: "I have no signature. "Asked about his relationship with the game," he said. "

has been awarded a contract for the construction of the two battleships according to the Philippines Ministry of Defense's previous tender procedure for the Navy. But the battle management system that will be installed on the warship has become a controversial issue. For what any dispute and controversy, has sacked McCarthy refused to accept the access road. According to Philippines's

sources, McCarthy road does not agree with the contract signed, the two warships of the "battle management system" very dissatisfied.

chart: Japan's assistance to Philippines coast patrol boat

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