Reporter: I was tearing up the spring couplets by the arrogant German neighbor

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huanqiuwang· 2017-12-20 20:48:54

The Global Times reporter was impressed by a small neighborhood incident that happened at the beginning of this year in

. It also feels that Germany's desire to advocate "the dominant culture" may be a long way to go.

"torn couplets. Photo by Feng Xuejun

found the back had been torn couplets, he repeatedly apologized, and say what happened: "your next door neighbor Mr. Kotz complained that you post something unsightly, forcing us to tear it. "We have lived here for more than two years, and the reporters on the same floor have never seen Kotz alone. His arrogance made reporters Wohuo be beneath the human character. A German lawyer friend suggested that in view of the artistic value of the spring festival couplet calligraphy, the neighbour and property were suspected of "violating the property of others", and a letter could be issued.

was nearly a month after the forty or fifty year old German neighbour met with the property. He was excited to hear about the "infringement of other people's property". "What is it on the sky?" What if it was an extreme declaration like a 'Islamic country'? I certainly have an obligation to make a complaint. "The property pointed out that they had an explanation that day, which should be the expression of Chinese New Year's culture. The other side copied his hands, a pair of "don't want to know your culture". "It's Easter now, but should the eggs at your door be thrown away as dangerous goods? "A Russian neighbor heard reporters and keci dialogue, could not help but speak up. "I did not touch your spring festival couplet, it was a tearing property. "Keci walk the walk.

this small matter has come to an end, and it reminds reporters of the news of the hot debate this year, that is, whether Germany wants to carry out "the dominant culture". The April constitutional referendum in Turkey showed that nearly 3 million of the votes abroad and 1 million 430 thousand of the votes of Germany were the largest source of foreign votes. Up to 63.2% of the Turkey ethnic Germans in favor of Turkey regime into the presidential system, the president of Turkey can become an important reason for Mr Erdogan narrowly successful constitutional amendment. German politicians think it was in an uproar, fundamentally exposed after World War II the Turks in the German integration failure. As a post worker, the German Turkey descendants have long dissociated from the mainstream of society, hoping to find a sense of identity through the plot of the native land. Maiziere, the German Interior Minister, has previously expressed the need to vigorously promote the "dominant culture" in German Society and advocate open patriotism. In addition to mastering German, leading culture also requires immigrants to fulfill German social interaction customs, accept German culture and history, and even include general knowledge, such as shaking hands and self reporting homes. Maiziere unquestionably said, "it is not allowed to move our cultural circles. "

" label is written in German dominant culture". This is the fictional news pictures Germany two TV website reported the "argument" of the dominant culture of germany.

"pictures from the Baden Wuerttemberg government website, the local government carried out" the German religious refugees "promotion plan.

"Germany Berlin refugee camp in German in the classroom, blackboard written in German 10 classroom discipline, such as" keep quiet! No loud noise! "Don't Scribble at the desk! "It is worth noting that these disciplines are written in a tough commanding way, and in the same tough tone," mark the two warning of violation of discipline, go home. "Feng Xuejun photo

that may explain why the neighbors have no interest in understanding the cultural reporter curtze, after all, is his" leading". However, culture needs to be "dominant", and it is inseparable from the inclusion of other cultures, and it needs its own charm and convincing. This "tearing spring couplet" dispute can be solved by the neighbourhood, but the German culture is on the rise to the legal means. If the German culture so "cold", the integration of the road easier said than done?

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