The sky blowing long johns by foreigners! The president's goddess is hot

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zhelishimeiguo· 2017-12-20 20:49:57

as the temperature is more and more low, a worldwide problem has emerged:

wear long johns

didn't wear long johns

wear long johns

not to wear long johns

wear long johns

not to wear long johns

that foreigners do not wear long johns, this may be the rumor the largest of the century! The United States

a shopping site, a few degrees long johns were sold out. Buyers frequently write thousands of words like "

evaluation: my wardrobe has long been contracted long johns have a variety of colors, length. "

" long johns can be said to be the most cattle pants in the whole world, I wore thirty years. Grandpa gave me recommend a Siamese Pro warmer Long Johns. "

" was very tired now as adults, Long Johns, I must say: Long Johns are comfortable! "

what is more inventory of the" top ten most cattle ", long johns on the expression of love:

so this" long johns should wear "debate not only in Chinese, foreigners are discussed.

but before long johns nobility to wear long johns can be traced back to eighth Century, when the British aristocracy in order to facilitate the horse riding, abandoned the Byzantine loose robes, wearing two layers of trousers, wear in the innermost layer evolved into underwear. The outside layer became the prototype - Long Johns breeches.

because of long johns can reveal strong leg muscles, highlighting the masculine characteristics, so the nobility became fashionable.

" is what we often see in the paintings in tights

" of England's King Henry VIII was a fan of long johns "img_box"

the French king Louis Xiv white silk Hin luxury p>

Napoleon also love in long johns embroidered

long johns have swept the world

in seventeenth Century, the British completed the first industrial revolution, the emergence of a large number of workers to work. Warm, such one-piece long johns became popular.

" will become the fashion and the true Long Johns is the first world heavyweight champion John L Sullivan. At the end of nineteenth Century, he was wearing long johns, punched over the Anglo American invincible hand image in the ring, let the whole world feel cool.

England Derbyshire a 225 year history of the garment company immediately seize the opportunities, the production of the champion's nickname long johns named Long Johns (John English Johns).

soon led to the trend of North American and European clothing makers to follow different designs and apply for different patents. All kinds of long johns began sweeping Europe and Asia, has become the people daily necessary clothing.

" at the same time, Long Johns is no longer just a man's patent, women also wore a skirt inside long johns, autumn clothes.

20" at the beginning of the century, also has been spread over a long johns story: a man wearing long johns shave in the apartment downstairs, happened to be seen the woman, the two met and later married, the man is Coolidge, the thirtieth president of the United states.

(this story tells us: wear long johns can meet to love......)

" to the period of World War II, long johns has become indispensable in the military equipment in europe.

1941, a US military recruits stationed in Wisconsin wrote in the letter: "the cold weather on Friday, we received the winter clothing. Long Johns (Long Johns) was so warm that I did not want to leave it. "

even sexy goddess Marilyn Monro are fans of long johns.

" my long johns the most fashionable fashion fashion

20 century after 80s, and people's life began to greatly improve the popularity, home heating, textile science and technology progress, makes people not in the cold of winter clothes thick layers. The changes in

's habits have also led to changes in fashion trends. Then, the fire for centuries long johns are considered "has been abandoned by the young people," said

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