Moron brothers 4 hilarious parody Oscar Festival debut!


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yesterday, Iqiyi produced the drama" moron brothers 4 "held a press conference on the line. Conference, iqiyi CEO Gong Yu, senior vice president Yang Xianghua, homemade drama's development center general manager Dai Ying respectively speech on stage. Guo Donglin said at the scene to participate in "5" moron brothers, as well as the history of the most "free" awards ceremony, comedy hit!

Iqiyi CEO Gong Yu said

" ordinary people also have the right to pursue happiness, "

< / span>

more sunny youth positive energy ";

Senior Vice President Yang Xianghua said"

" Iqiyi members enjoy massive video resources,

TV film can look ahead,

clarity and sound effects have a better experience ";

self-made drama development center general manager Dai Ying

" thank many creative and

the title sponsor and the talented person,

Iqiyi will provide the best platform for ".

at the same time,

iqiyi CEO Gong Yu also said that

"moron brothers" the movie has also been in the plan. < br />

talk about drama starring. < br / > is two days ago Xiaobian introduce the couple Wang Ning!
Wuli Conference on the same day, Wang Ning still wore the "instant noodles" hairstyle debut,

Guo Donglin and Yu Baimei as the activities of the

words Guozi hairstyle < br / > and Yinqi director's hair is the same.

the entire conference parody Oscars, < br / > a public key creative everyone does not fall awarded the "annual media Award", < br / > "global goodwill to" a number of wonderful awards. < br / > attention to do the network broadcast of the reticulocyte "dodo" < br / > and creative photographers "white" < br / > get annual media award.

the snow boots sold to Africa < br / > of differentiated marketing Emma < br / > won the title of" global ambassador ".

director Ji Zhi obtained the wit of the year award. < br / > he allegedly filming every time they meet a problem < br / > are pulling out the betel nut, < br / > a chewing betel nut will be quick witted, < br / > turned" witty man ".

" old Bacon "director, screenwriter Yin Qi < br / > by virtue of the in play a cameo performances of classic plot < br / >" the fat students "< br / > gains" rookie of the year award ". This contrasts with
small adorable award at the scene also look drunk.

is not present at the scene Du Xiaola and Lanfei < br / > won the" best live costume! This is really what
small can only cry, play inside, we are serious.

Guo Donglin for couple Rui Ning and repair < br / > awarded the best screen couple award!!! Understanding interactive

background is pollution could not bear to look. < br />

amount. This position I was drunk,

best screen couple award,

except for the two of you no SEI the! />

I will alarm!
here someone touch me in my brother's waistline ning!!

it is worth mentioning is that < br / > site iqiyi CEO Gong Yu, < br / > Senior Vice President Yang Xianghua, < br / > self-made drama's development center general manager Dai Ying < br / > delivered a speech respectively. < br / > said "moron Brothers movie" is in preparation.

graph is Dr. Gong Yu

as Dai Ying

in the first three seasons,
"moron brothers" has invited a number of
the "ex" Joe fir, more large coffee to in 9, < br />5 see positive when revealed one of the!

from the first season began < br / > Xiaobian is paid much attention to the moron brothers. < br / > the drama of the plot also caused many echoes of a small series of. < br / > "tremendous work pressure, < br / > day hurried but mediocrity". < br / > is simply a portrayal of the lives of many young people. < br / > and "moron" is refers to, in the big cities < br / > dreams to fight, < br / > they have no background, < br / > rely on their own efforts and persistent. < br / > step by step completed his dream.

" moron brothers 4 "< br / > will on May 9, weekly to 12:00 Thursday update, < br / > iqiyi VIP members forestalls to look, < br / > non members delayed a week to watch.

jab" reading original to see the moron brothers 4 "bizarre debut!

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