Google strong push Android 8 system: radical radical removal of fragmentation

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weifengwang· 2017-12-21 03:06:16

recently, the Google Corporation updated at the Android developer blog, launched several provisions:

1. from the beginning of August 2018, all submitted to the Play store APP Android Oreo must be oriented (Android 8.0/8.1

2.) development; from the beginning of November 2018, all the Play store stock of the new version of APP must be compatible with Android Oreo and the development of norms

3.; from the beginning of 2018, the APK file will add some extra metadata (metadata), for compliance verification;

4. from the beginning of August 2019, all Android APP must provide 64 bit support.

" from the several provisions that Google wants to push Android 8 to 8 Android launched in August this year, but as of December only 0.5% Android devices running Android 8 Oreo, and the total share of Android 7 and Android 7.1, 23.3% 6 Android 29.7%, Android 5 and 26.3%. For some mobile phone manufacturers do not update the system to 8 "APP compatibility", Google's move to solve this problem, and strong back Android 8, next year from August to November to developers 3 month buffer period, these three months is to buffer the mobile phone manufacturers, after all of the latest system optimization the software of the old system does not necessarily play it running.

third can see Google for some APP abuse of authority control in the Android 6 times some APP without allowing access to mobile phone users directly part of sensitive permissions, such as location, camera functions, and many software developers in order to stay back not only from the start, will use unscrupulous divisive tactics, wake up the other APP, increase the power consumption also affects the performance of mobile phone mobile phone. The 7 version added to Android background software tips, inform the user which application is running in the background, Android 8 APP to further standardize the background mentioned above and APK permissions, additional metadata is further specification for APP, a punch to cure "rogue APP", Android

system began to support 64 from 5, but now there are a lot of 32 applications, there is not high efficiency problem. Apple's App Store didn't accept 32 applications as early as February 1, 2015, and has entered the real 64 era. Android has been unable to do so because of fragmentation. This time, it's finally determined to optimize Android environment. A few

points above the Android system may completely change the ecological environment, the system has long been criticized by the problem of fragmentation is Android's most heavily hit once, from the system to the application took out a set of solutions, if developers and mobile phone manufacturers cooperate, Android equipment experience will be increased by one grade. Android 8 has also launched the Project Treble architecture, which ensures that the mobile phone that supports the architecture can get system updates at the first time. Unfortunately, there are now some Android mobile vendors who run Android 8 systems do not support this architecture.

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