China's aircraft carrier steel is fully made in China: only 4 countries can make it all over the world

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lirenjunshi· 2017-12-21 12:48:54

in recent years, with the service of Liaoning, the launch of the new aircraft carrier, the aircraft carrier heat continues to rise. The construction of the aircraft carrier is a system engineering, which needs the support of a huge amount of engineering technology, the most basic of which is the steel used by the aircraft carrier. The steel condition of the aircraft carrier is very harsh. First, the deck plate can withstand the strong impact and high friction of the takeoff and landing of the carrier. Second, we have to bear the jet aircraft as high as thousands of flares, and also have low magnetic properties.

. Only 4 countries in the world, the steel plates produced in the world can be used for aircraft carrier manufacturing. They are regarded as important strategic materials and will not be exported. China was once restricted to the bottleneck of the steel plate, but the service of the new carrier proved that China has its own mature steel plate technology.

recently, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of metal material processing simulation by the research team to single heavy 100 tons of large steel ingot and the calculation of physical anatomy found a rare earth alloy and steel "double purification" phenomenon, further development, the team first to break the technical bottleneck of industrial application of rare earth in the steel, add process operation and stable performance of rare earth in steel.

, the new technology is the innovative application of rare earth. The addition of rare earth is not news, but in the process of steelmaking, adding process of rare earth high, close a mile. Rare earth is known as "industrial vitamin", but after adding rare earth in steel, the performance of steel is difficult to control precisely. All countries in the world are engaged in the correlation, but most of them fail to break through the technical bottleneck, so we can see that the use of rare earth is the embodiment of a country's industrial strength.

, what is the significance of such advanced advanced rare earth technology to the construction of our warship?

, first, it laid the technical foundation for upgrading and upgrading our warship materials. The special steel material for ships has the characteristics of small batch, high specification and high requirement. It determines that the development principles of ship material system in different countries are generally: improving and improving existing materials and developing new materials. In China, we have done a lot of work in this area. Through advanced metallurgical technology and various technical approaches, we have promoted the technological progress of hull structural steel and supporting materials. The application of the new technology will improve the safety of the ship structure, reduce the weight of the structure, shorten the production cycle, and provide support for the high quality "dumpling" of the Navy.

secondly, the advanced rare earth technology will improve the welding efficiency of special steel. The strength of the hull structure depends on two factors: steel and welding. However, there is such a paradox in the field of welding: with the improvement of the strength level of steel, the alloy elements in the steel increase, the carbon equivalency and the sensitivity of the steel increase greatly, so the welding of steel becomes very difficult. How to achieve high strength warship steel welding is a world problem. China with this rare earth technology, in the "double purification" mechanism, adding rare earth ferrosilicon, rare earth oxides and other substances in the electrode, can play a modification and purification effect of weld metal, weld metal structure, reduce grain refinement, increase the amount of acicular ferrite, improve the welding quality effect.

rare earth is known as "industrial gold". China's rare earth reserves are the first in the world. Such natural endowments and advanced technology will bring great strategic thickness to China. (blade / Zhang Yang)

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