The total award is super "CS"! Is the storm hero really going to fire?

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weifengwang· 2017-12-21 13:59:25

is the banner of Blizzard's Moba works. The storm hero, besides providing more experience for many of the world's Blizzard fans, is also carrying the ambition of Blizzard E-sports. But whenever talking about gaming events, it is a bonus will not avoid the topic, then, "the storm hero" performance how? A recent statistic gives the answer we want.

" recently, the electronic sports world famous Data Statistics website esportsearnings gives the latest statistical data, according to statistics, the storm "hero" historical events total bonus has been completed on the "CS" (2000 EDITION) beyond, has become gaming game bonus list fifth.

of course, there are many reasons to realize the transcendence, first in the game itself, as everyone knows, even left a beautiful memories of a generation of "gods" in numerous game player heart, from now on "CS" has been regarded as a certain history of the game, but the official version is selected from version 2000, is now in the past 17 years, the game has already been V agency to create "CS:GO" replaced, so itself is not what events, some of the classic retro game only, the nearly number is also very difficult with today's electronic sports industry scale equate.

, besides "CS" walking itself into the "long history", Blizzard's strong support for the storm hero is also a key factor for its bonus to exceed the "old generation". In contrast, CS has the highest prize of "storm heroes" in two games, namely, BlizzCon 2016 and HGC 2017 Global Finals, which all have 1 million dollars in bonus. Therefore, it is more natural than CS.

, however, does not explain the bonuses beyond the swap position in history of the two game, in fact, compared to a rival for "CS", now the "storm hero" situation seems from the "phenomenon" is still a big gap. Especially in the "Dota2" and "under the joint strangling hero alliance" the two Moba work, "the storm hero" in addition to Blizzard system within the game player, it is very difficult to absorb fresh blood, and thus leads to the "heroes of the storm today fire? "It's more like a blizzard player's helplessness.

then what games are there on the list, but there is not much difference between the players' imagination. Currently ranked first in the "Dota2", a bonus number is still very alarming, the history of the total prize money of $131247292.72; the second is "LOL", the history of the total prize money of $48745299.27; the third is "CS:GO", the history of the total prize money totaled US $45891397.70; fourth for the "StarCraft 2", the total prize money of history for $24892118.07. Though it has not seen the influential CS competition for a long time, the total prize of the match has reached 10 million 840 thousand dollars, ranking sixth in the list. Seventh to 10 of the list are "the legend of the furnace stone", "StarCraft", "Smite" and "watch vanguard".

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