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recently wrote | Liu Liu, Qatar to celebrate National Day, held a grand military parade in the capital city of Doha beach Boulevard, the biggest difference with the previous years, the 14 military parade on the square with all the "China" queue and is to accept the review, and they are by the Chinese people's liberation army honor guard the team trained instructors.

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this year, the military should be Qatar's invitation, Chinese people's Liberation Army is responsible for the National Day parade in Qatar for a period of three months of training work queue. Previously due to historical reasons, Qatar has been used in National Day parade in English manual. In

9 months, the military officers of the PLA three army officers sent 4 officers to Qatar. In the early days of training, they met a lot of difficulties.

was first of all the trainees in Qatar. Many were recruits and had no experience. As for the experienced veteran, after the queue is the use of English and China square difference of recruit, great.

in order to make full use of time, Chinese instructors get up at three in the morning, start training at four o'clock, and sometimes have to use flashlights to correct movements.

is also a language barrier, although the instructor group is equipped with a translator, but when four instructors train in groups, a translation cannot run at all. So in order to overcome the language barrier, after every day of training, the instructors have to learn the Arabic language of military use in class. Although

is in autumn in China in September, the temperature in Qatar is still more than 40 degrees during the day. After training for a few minutes, the instructors' military uniform is soaked. The

sweat has no white flow, and the hard work of the instructors has become a bright spot for the day of the parade. During the parade, the soldiers while shouting slogans, while playing the way, exudes a "China" queue of British gas, obtained the approval of all parties in qatar.

" after the parade, Qatar's deputy prime minister and Defense Minister of state for Khaled · Al-attiya received the honor guard instructors, praised their work and training results, and said that Qatar will continue to deepen cooperation with China.

Chang'an Avenue governor (WeChat ID:Capitalnews) has introduced the three armies honor guard, known as the "walking Chinese Army Propaganda Film", is the only national ceremonial salute force in China. It has been awarded the "military pacesetter" honorary title by the Central Military Commission. They show the world the image of the military and civilization of Chinese soldiers, and convey the Chinese people's desire for peace and friendship. President

Trump was a military honor guard "powder" in last month's visit to China, he tweeted "incredible" to describe the ceremony was unbelievable, "memorable" (memorable) and "impressive" (impressive) as a military honor guard point praise. At the back of a wonderful appearance of

, the officers and men of the guard paid the hard work of the ordinary people.

people have done the calculation, an honor guard five years out of the way, the equivalent of a twenty-five thousand mile long march; add up each sweat, two years a ton per year; at least seven pairs of leather shoes worn out; the normal blink frequency of 5 to 10 seconds for 1 times, the guard of honor the soldiers will keep 40 seconds without blinking, that face foreign guests "… … in good out of a bandbox"

" in recent years, a military honor guard abroad to perform tasks more than ten times, is the image display, but also deepen the friendship. They pay attention to the customs and etiquette characteristics of the military parade host country and the invited guest country, and make the guard of honor the messenger of friendship. Before

2015 went to Russia to parade, the guard of honor invited experts and professors to explain the world's anti fascist war history to the officers and soldiers, to enhance their understanding of the mission, and to teach the members to learn Russian classic songs, so that we could not lose the deep feeling in the majesty. When singing "Katyusha" melody Chinese military honor guard finale, the audience suddenly burst into prolonged applause. Russian Prime Minister Medvedev could not help saying, "on the parade, the Chinese army left me the most impressive."

in March this year, Pakistan's military should be invited, a military honor guard sent by the 72 official by the reading of the team to participate in the parade. The guard of honor was in a neat step and continued its high level. The soldiers used Urdu to shout slogans: "long live the friendship between China and Pakistan!" Since the establishment of

for more than 60 years, the honor guard of three armed forces has successfully completed more than 4000 ceremonial ceremonies and ceremonies along with the growth and development of the Republic. It witnessed a great historical moment of the party and the state, leaving behind a string of flashy footprints.

cross into columns, such as knife, vertical lines and gable like … … sonorous walking out of a military honor guard, the power of confidence and dignity.

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