Russia's flower 8 billion has deceived the country's two largest gas field?

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zhanluewang· 2017-12-22 08:00:21

fame was the world's oil country, Venezuela has a debt crisis in four years long for economic and social unrest, perennial paralysis for the $28 billion owed Chinese payments become elusive, Venezuela has been painting pie said, will transfer to the island country, it could not be fulfilled, behind the backing of Russia Venezuela has been bullying, not debt, Chinese feel helpless. This does not, Venezuela recently discovered two giant gas field, know Chinese domestic natural gas tight, can help China solutions are put away the Russian gas as pressing danger.

priority to repay to the Russian gas field in Venezuela, Chinese tears

" yesterday, signed a contract with the Russian oil company president Maduro of Venezuela, the newly discovered Patao and Mejillones of the two offshore natural gas solely to Russia and Russia will become the development. Venezuela two offshore natural gas operators, has the right to sell all fields of export products, including liquefied natural gas.

" since 2007, China to Venezuela lent more than $45 billion, including about $28 billion in outstanding. Initially agreed those debts, are intoxicated in a political flame in Venezuela, privately called himself "China people's good friend", but on the table, the Venezuelan government never put these loans defined as "debt", because these loans can be used that Venezuela oil (rather than dollars) to repay, which means in China, the arrears have never been included in the national budget, most oil companies privately into venezuela. In the case of loans to China and Russia, Venezuela preferred to repay the gas to Russia.

Russia once again at Chinese gas gate

did not dare to speculate Russia behind Venezuela much benefit, but by the two gas field, Russia once again to China LNG liquefied natural gas market firmly in the hands of drag. Why do you say that? So now the gas tight, especially the demand China natural gas market grew by 30% a year, Russia is not greedy, these two natural gas natural gas up to 180 billion cubic meters, the annual production plan Russia up to 6 billion 500 million cubic meters of natural gas, for a period of 15 years, and the vast majority of LNG liquefied natural gas for China market, if according to the Russian export China LNG natural gas price of 500 U.S. dollars / ton (the average import price of 321.35 U.S. dollars / ton) to count, Russia by these two China Kuangzhuan gas can be $8 billion.

" Russia knows, every heating season, Chinese gas will supply, the two gas field in 2014 with Russia and Chinese signed $400 billion natural gas, and not long ago, China invested $27 billion of the Russian Arctic Yamal project natural. This three natural gas trading can make Russia a China imported LNG natural gas in third directly, you said this move to Russia under the big?

Venezuela not only fails to pay its debts on time, but also to Russia, which is a key natural gas field in China. Under the pressure of Western economies, Venezuela and Russia's two brothers are warming up, but they are hurt by the two countries' benefactors -- China.

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