"Fuck off Wang quit" after the storm, storm diffuse staff apology

Micro-blog WeChat runaway comics live

guanchazhewang· 2017-12-22 16:12:45

[the observer network] Wang Kexin / Zhao fuck do?

a series of unidentified and true chat screenshots pointing to this core problem.

this is probably the biggest crisis in history.

, and the latest news is that, on the morning of 22, the man who claimed to be illegally detained and monitored and was threatened by high risk of violence. The staff at

through micro-blog @ Acura domestic Ashanti released a video apology, said that because of usury pressure AWOL, the impact on the company.

yesterday afternoon, Wang fuck certification account also responded to the media: to know the formal response to the matter at a employee turnover in the prank, the police have investigated.

" at this point, there are still users suspected by the company is the domestic Acura @ Ashanti stress apology. What

"the king who the fuck" is a mystery, and had all the shelves and re broadcast events, behind the scenes on the big man more let a person feel the magic.

21 am, a micro-blog certified "blogger @Bingolaga Tonge venture chairman, well-known financial blogger" continuously released 4 micro-blog: suspected King actor I fuck, suspected of being illegal detention, monitoring, and was the runaway comic top the threat (currently have been deleted — — observer network note). The first batch of

blogger and WeChat released QQ screenshot shows a user name as "fuck the king" who confided to him, he is very helpless, because since December 14th left without authorization, and released to uncover the runaway comic a lie "in need of domestic content @ micro-blog account in your own sweet. The contract has been terminated.

from the micro-blog @Bingolaga

according to a screenshot of micro-blog SMS, SMS notification of termination of the contract signed "Xi'an Momo information technology limited company, is a runaway comic company.

from the micro-blog @Bingolaga

not only that, "the king said, fuck" itself is now under CEO verbal intimidation and illegal surveillance of &mdash & mdash; "house monitoring".

@Bingolaga said "fuck the king" suicidal.

then @Bingolaga sent out a "video of the camera in the room". In the 7 - second video of

, a male voice with an accent said, "this is my room, this is a camera, is it miserable?"

and @Bingolaga issued in November 23rd two WeChat chat screenshot, screenshot for the king, and WeChat has been monitoring phone fuck yourself, "say out".

and the last batch of screenshots is named "fuck the king" WeChat circle of friends: I just want to say that I am not the king fuck! The king just fuck it! I'm just a man with a headset!

"king of the fuck" also exposed himself by many injustice: sword will be the installation of monitoring equipment to the bedroom; call arrears IOUs, IOUs made money only for half of a harsh conditions; artist contracts, confidentiality agreement, ten years the five year contract, additional personal ownership for all technology companies.

" according to reports of the tiger sniffing, and at the same time, diffuse violence and pandas in fish on the platform, under the banner of "runaway comics" watermark broadcast appeared negative content. Then

, CEO as the sword of diffuse violence to make a public response in the circle of friends:

" for micro-blog account and live account of the contents of any sword in some media responded: WeChat is the company network, said that they have debts in recruitment a total of 150 thousand, lend him let him pay the debt, but he borrowed all used to buy a motorcycle, you are still borrowing through various channels to borrow usury.

20, the company that has two micro-blog land, landing mobile phone and password are modified, at about 2 a.m., and the panda Betta live account was also put up other content. According to Ren Jian, according to Ren Jian, the incident has been transferred to the police, which is characterized by job encroachment and network theft.

21 day afternoon,
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