High speed car drivers don't crazy: I don't have the car arrested

Buick business car vehicle recorder

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do not open a grudge car, do not

this sentence Lu Nu, many drivers know

, but some people can not do.

recently, people in Guangzhou reported to Shenzhen traffic police that

had been involved in the 2017 Shenzhen marathon

driving back. They encountered a white Buick business vehicle

deliberately not to drive or stop, causing a traffic accident.

small with friends

first look at things through

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high speed vehicle parked don't encounter malicious

12 month 18 days, just to participate after the 2017 Shenzhen marathon Mr. Meng, going to morning drive from Dongguan Shenzhen high speed on the way back to Guangzhou, but suffered a continuous 5 car driver.

"on the right around 17:37, Mr. Meng vehicle appeared a white Buick car business, want to jump the queue. Mr.

said that at that time, there were lots of vehicles and a long queue. He was just behind the team. In order to save time, he didn't let Buick car jump in.


in Buick car business is not successful but in the subsequent 5 minutes, this car Buick car business several times on their own malicious car, or even forced to stop emergency. According to Mr. Meng, the malicious car lasted about five or six kilometers. "There was a car in the back, and we all had to die there." Mr. Meng said.

"on the Buick business car to Mr. Meng first forced to stop in front of the emergency.

second is forced to stop, get off to find Mr Meng theory

reporter learned that Buick owners, such an emergency forced stop appeared two times, including once in the middle of the highway emergency forced to stop, the white Buick owners also get ready looking for Mr. Meng Meng theory during the escape, the bus on the right of emergency avoidance in order to avoid Mr. Meng's vehicle, almost causing a major traffic accident.

"in bypassing the white Buick owner, I was very nervous, but to find an exit recently from high-speed road, picked up the phone alarm. I had a crumble in my heart. Just because he didn't let him in the queue, he didn't get my car all the time. Isn't it fatal? " Mr. Meng said helplessly.

then what is the situation now?

little editor told you,

involved Buick driver, found it!

(first look at his back)

"involved Buick commercial vehicle driver

driver admitted that someone's behavior is very inappropriate

12 on Sept. 21, allegedly stopped the driver Mr. Mao reporter saw in Shenzhen city traffic police bureau. He claims to be a driver for a processing trade company. Mr.

said Mr. Meng's car came over and hit his rearview mirror, but it didn't mean to stop. After waiting for the toll station, Mr. Mao chased his car and waved his car to the other side to stop him, but Mr. Meng didn't respond. So he called the police on the phone.

video screenshot

due to Mr. Mao thought has entered the territory of Dongguan, oral error alarm, police will let Mr. Mao to Dongguan police alarm. In

's behavior for other cars, Mr. Mao argued that his own start was not a car. He said, "I just took the car and drove up in front of him. When he saw the other person ignored it, he stopped several times. In retrospect, this kind of behavior is indeed very inappropriate, not only to threaten the safety of people and others, but also to the inconvenience of other vehicles. In case of a traffic accident, the consequences will be unthinkable. " Mr. Mao told reporters that he would express his apologies to Mr. Meng.

Shenzhen traffic police on the driver involved in 5 days detention for 21 months, the Shenzhen traffic police bureau responsible person informed the matter.

informed that according to the currently available evidence, a gross violation of the "Public Security Management Punishment Law" twenty-sixth

"disturb the behavior", the parties to Mao a 5 day detention order punishment.

reporters learned that the traffic police in Shenzhen had investigated the traffic accident that Mr. Mao said to hit the rearview mirror. According to a preliminary investigation, there was no such traffic accident. "We do not have a car rearview mirror on the basis of an analysis of the full vehicle video recorder provided by the operators." Shenzhen City Traffic Police Department of the team, a team of police He Wei said.

malicious car how to punish?

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