Jingdong big data: girls love beef dumplings, 70 after eating the most health

Jingdong ZA

ZAKERkeji· 2017-12-22 17:21:31

today is the winter solstice day, the shortest day in the daytime of the northern hemisphere and the longest day in the night.

, during the winter solstice, the north will eat dumplings, and the South will eat different customs and habits such as Tangyuan, rice balls and long line noodles, and drive the winter with warm food.

: do you know what the different gender and different age people what to eat dumplings? "

shopping today according to the large data set of Jingdong shows that girls love to buy Boiled dumplings beef, sheep meat stuffing the boys love. If in accordance with the age of

, non 90 favorite leek egg! 80 favorite stuffing, 70 eat cucumber and egg stuffing.

" in addition, the data also showed people in the South Jiangxi people love to eat dumplings, leek, Hubei people love sheep meat stuffing, Shanghai people love beef, Chongqing favorite seafood stuffing.

according to meat dumplings big data shows that 90% of the original favorite pork stuffing, 80 after the most favorite seafood stuffing, the elders love to eat beef and mutton and vegetarian stuffing.

, at the same time, dumplings, lazy God implements sell very well, especially after 80 users welcome.

. Do you feel the accuracy of feedback of this group?

for 70 after eating dumplings with cucumber and egg stuffing, it can be said that the regimen is very healthy.

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