32 generals retire in advance, what has happened to this country's army

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's new commander in chief of the armed forces of the Indonesia Hadi Tejayando (Hadi Tjahjanto) on December 20th, said in a statement, after considering what he needs and future challenges of the Indonesia army made a surprising decision, 32 Indonesian military officials need to retire early.

, vice president of the national defense and Security Council of the Indonesian parliament, Hanafi Rice and other congressmen warned reporters: do not politicize the normal personnel of the army. "This rotation is normal," he said. "The army has the power to make any decisions. "

"in December 8th the Indonesian army has just completed the transfer of power, air force commander Hadi Tejayando (left) to become the Indonesian armed forces commander

, however, analysts believe that the move is in order to curb the former commander General Garet Normanbjerg in Indonesia in the military. In December 8th, the Indonesia military completed the handover of power. Hadi Tejayando, who was born in the air force, took the place of Garet Normanbjerg, the army commander in chief of the Indonesian army. The 57 year old Nur Bogart Mambo commander in chief of the armed forces of the Indonesia, took office in June 2015, the beginning is considered to be a candidate for the 2019 presidential election in Indonesia, but some of his public statements and actions caused a lot of controversy.

Garet Normanbjerg in Indonesia's powerful army, promoted the most senior military

in Indonesia in 2016, the national police force to establish the commemoration of the 71st anniversary, he called for the restoration of the Indonesian army to participate in the political right to vote - this and Suharto in 1998 before the dictator government of Indonesia soldiers and police refused to vote against the policy.

Garet Nulman beau reorganized the Indonesian army before the transfer of power and drew up a number of his own letters. At the end of October, he promoted 91 senior officers in Indonesia, before the handover of power in December 4th and assault promoted 85 officers. Among them, major general Sudjman, a former military commander of South Sumatra province, is said to be a student of general Gartner. After promotion by general gall, he can mobilize a force of 40 thousand people before the 2019 presidential election.

retired after Garet Normanbjerg active in the military and political parties in

in the face of such a complex situation, a key goal of the Indonesian armed forces commander Hardy is to ensure that the Indonesian army not involved in political intrigue, and prevent the emergence of a new round of military dictatorship. During the Indonesian junta's rule, about 4 million 600 thousand Indonesians were killed, and there were many incidents of Chinese exclusion. However, the Indonesian government apologized for the massacre during the army's ruling period. So the Indonesian people are very disgusted with the army's participation in politics, but Garet Normanbjerg, the commander in chief of the former three forces, is very interested in the political participation of Indonesia. In view of his political ambitions and a series of acts of dry politics, the Indonesian parliament took over the power of the commander in chief in advance. Gat's term originally came to May 2018 and was now forced to retire in advance.

in this wave of Indonesian power struggle, the future of the Indonesian military is worthy of our vigilance, and we must not replay the tragedies of China.

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32 generals retire in advance, what has happened to this country's army