The Russian space systems out of the ghost, the GLIONASS navigation system in combat

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Vitali Tormachev

Ostankinsky Moscow district court sentenced to the senior management personnel of the Russian space system and Mercury's company, Igor Krylov, Alexander Polyakov and Alexei Dio DICA was sentenced to 4 to 6 years in prison.

GLIONASS-M satellite

accusation is the appropriation of about 400 million roubles (about 7 million U.S. dollars) of the satellite R & D funding. The defendant appropriated part of the project's budgetary funds according to the contract signed by Mercury and Russian space system on GLONASS-M satellite details.

GLIONASS-M satellite the shortage of funds, after scrapping and rocket launch failure of a heavy blow to the Russian version of the Russian aerospace industry

global satellite positioning system GLIONASS program began in 1970s, was to build a satellite positioning system and the GPS counter. In 1982, the first satellite was launched into the orbit. However, due to the disintegration of the Soviet Union and the insufficient allocation of space, the GLIONASS project has been developing slowly in recent years. Some of the system's satellites are aging, and the most serious one is the operation of 6 satellites.

but from 2001 to October 2010, the Russian government had made up of the 24 satellites needed by the system. As the Russian satellite design life is short, plus satellite fault and rocket launch failure, the plan so far at a cost of 140 billion rubles ($2 billion 400 million), to 2020, the entire project to upgrade the budget only 326 billion rubles (according to the current exchange rate of $5 billion 600 million), far better than the United States GPS upgrade plan ($8 billion).

GLIONASS-M satellite upgrade plan, may just stay in the stage of PPT

GLIONASS and GPS was the world's two navigation system only, but in recent years, with the development of the Beidou navigation in our country, the development of Galileo, even India and Japan have their own navigation satellite. GLIONASS-M development is relatively stagnant, which is mainly due to a serious shortage of funds, now corruption research funding Shuoshu have been caught, did not know that this is it? Look forward to the GLIONASS-M satellite is getting better and better, the Russian space industry is less Shuoshu more doers.

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