The Japanese bookstore is listed in Taiwan as a province of China: we are right

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] observer network integrated according to Taiwan media reported in December 22nd, according to Taiwan "independence" protest Japan dictionary "Guang Yuan" will be a speech in Taiwan Province in the China issue, "the publisher Iwanami shoten wide speech garden" said, don't think about the wrong court wide speech. According to the

observation network previously reported, recently on the island of Taiwan in the "Pro independence" leaders under the leadership of Cai Yingwen, continued to advocate "to Chinese" unhealthy, and overseas "Pro independence" in order to promote the "Taiwan independence" is nothing. Recently, overseas "Pro independence" attack is in Japan a "national dictionary" called "wide speech garden". In the part of the Taiwan group claimed that the "wide speech garden" Sixth Edition "mistake" will be classified as "a Chinese Taiwan Province, belongs to the" distorted facts ", for the publication of Fang Yanbo Bookstore corrections in the seventh edition"".

"wide speech garden" 1811 page China map images from

according to the Taiwan Media Pro Green media "free times" reported on 21, the Japanese comprehensive encyclopedia Encyclopedia of "Guang Yuan" the current version of speech by two in the day of protest in Taiwan group, called the "mistake" will be recorded as "Taiwan province" China, is Japan's Pro left-wing press press pander to "rock wave" propaganda, will seriously mislead the Japanese people.

, the publisher of the Canton Park, the publisher of Yan Po, issued a statement on the official website that "we do not think there is a mistake in the related records".

" Japanese rock wave bookstore website statement screenshot image from the Yan Bo bookstore website

said in a statement, People's Republic of China and the "Republic of China" have advocated "a Chinese", on the other hand, various countries including Japan's argument on "a China" no objection. The

statement pointed out that the Sino Japanese joint statement is recognized by the United Nations in October 25, 1971 the people's Republic of China China representation based on the "Republic of China" from the United Nations, and former US President Nickerson visited in February 21, 1972, Japan recognized People's Republic of China as the sole legitimate government. Sino Japanese joint statement, Japan People's Republic of China claims Taiwan as part of its territory position, said very understanding and respect, adhere to the position based on the Potsdam declaration of eighth plus, so Japan and Taiwan to end official relations, now the relationship between Japan and Taiwan is the actual relationship between the non-governmental ".

for the Japanese Dictionary of Taiwan as a Chinese Province Taiwan protest issue, foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said: Taiwan is not a Chinese province? As is known to all, Taiwan is an inseparable part of China's territory.

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The Japanese bookstore is listed in Taiwan as a province of China: we are right

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