Obsessive-compulsive disorder is best used to deal with poverty, not to deal with forms.

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poor households collect back and forth fill out forms to meet the overlapping of overlapping materials during the inspection. According to the reporter's survey and estimate, a poor village will throw at least twenty thousand yuan into these forms a year. Author

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- 1 -

China fast development.

high speed railway is woven into a network, and supercomputing leads the world. The "unicorn", marked by rapid growth, has a global market value of about $800 billion, and China accounts for 41%.

is a fast time, and China belongs to this era. People in the city of

regard speed as a new God, young people stare at electronic maps, and the countdown is delivered. The market's uncle aunt payment will sweep the two-dimensional code, no time to catch a coin.

is short of life, and efficiency means doing more things a day, running farther, and getting more satisfaction.

sat on the "express" in this country, "slow" is still running in many places.

there is mountain or mountain, month or month, dew use the night to coagulate, the child to wait for the whole childhood.

and so on one day can turn over the mountain to see the lights in the city for a month.

and so on in the dry and warm house, allowing the fullness to replace the barren slow.

and other modern achievements, such as the sun and the sun generally spread the earth, where can read the book, also can be optimistic about the disease.

actually, this fast country doesn't forget those slow places.

in the past few years, the concept of "precision poverty alleviation" has become a common understanding, and has been constantly improved, developed, refined and implemented. No matter at the level of policy making, or on the level of human and material resources, the determination and investment to do a good job in reducing poverty is no doubt.

tank so full, is to let the train wheels completely from behind, occlusion and barren break, they faced a hurdle.

- 2 -

recently, the media in the interview in the village cadres found a "new card" for poverty alleviation.

, some counties have to check the "poverty alleviation file card". The first secretary in the village is anxious, pulling almost every colleague from the original unit to the countryside, and raids the "perfect form".

some leaders turned to the village, turned over the cards, thought that it was not perfect, put forward new requirements, and added new blanks to the form.

, some places treat these pieces of paper in the way of "obsessive compulsive disorder", stipulate that every page should be "first secretary" hand written, three copies, not allowed to write wrong, wrong is not allowed to alter, it can only be repeated. If the situation changes, the three will be changed. In the village of thousands of poor households, a person may not fully complete.

, in order to be able to be pulled by the poor hands, poor households have to fill the information back and forth in the form, and the number of ID cards is written for hundreds of times. According to the reporter's survey and estimate, a poor village will throw at least twenty thousand yuan into these forms a year.

Chinese vision for figure

a line through a vertical line, spell out the form of large and small gap, people put time and money to go into, not just to meet the inspection "". Such a positive, dense, and endless blank space is not a place for the dream of poverty relief, but a new cage to get rich.

can't deny that the original intention of these forms designers and executors is good. Before perfecting and grasping the poverty alleviation archives card, many problems exist in

, such as inaccuracy of archives information, update in time, and poverty eradicate planning.

a leader had seen file card sloppy, at the village cadres, said the archives is to witness the history of poverty alleviation.

can imagine, with weight, with severity, disappointment and anger. It is well known that the heavy weight of poverty alleviation work may focus on the minutiae of poverty alleviation work. The

problem is that the so-called inspection is the paper or the reality. What we call attention is to see whether or not it is popular. The so-called results are the words of propaganda or the living creativity and productivity.

seeing is not necessarily true, what's more, some people do not look at the people look at the table. The paper look up to as the standard example is not in the minority.

- 3 -

in the transformation of the housing for the poor households, covering the insulating layer on the wall according to the provisions. What people do not understand, often rotten, can not play the role. The face of the planning department: to be created in accordance with the drawings, or not to build.

also has the place to introduce the work discipline of the metropolis, let "the first secretary" go to work, and take the attendance rate as the standard of poverty alleviation. To run the investment and investment are not run, the field to go do not go.

, like the establishment of a poverty alleviation file, can not be a bad one, but the result is not necessarily good. There are some places in

, which is hard to say even if the original intention is good or not.

for example, in order to meet the inspection, to poor households, cattle hair whitening walls and purchase clothing and bedding. This is all good, at least to use the poverty alleviation fund on the object of poverty alleviation. Some just spend a lot of money to create a magnificent billboard, purely for the eye of the inspection regiment. Either, the object of poverty alleviation is to take off the poor and cover the villas, and still give a lot of money to create "Star" "bright spots".

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