2018 Thailand station for the full attack of the international IELTS entrance examination and examination


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in recent years to Thailand Kao IELTS test ducks more and more, the following to summarize the departure to Thailand IELTS of the offensive. Including: 1 trips attention, 2 examination registration process and 2. examinations attention, carefully to see clear Oh. When it comes to IELTS abroad, the impression is the largest in Thailand, coupled with the warm climate, fragrant durian (hey), tourist sites and hot, Thailand's many candidates in the eyes of choice. After the test, you can also take a vacation, enjoy the beach, no, the sun, the waves, the perfect holiday. This is the BC examination institutions (Bangkok has IDP and BC 2 examination bodies, ukvi examination of the 2 institutions in Bangkok are some sites)

Danger ahead!: 2018 years the IELTS exam schedule (including oral exam appointment) is introduced and the matters needing attention


1." (travel visa IELTS exam I took a photo of the page down, or scan the newspaper, IELTS name to use

() visa run, 15 days ahead of time I was in the Baicheng office, the price cheaper than landing visa) cash: 2w baht above

(may find no checks, if there is a risk of deportation, Recommendations to the Chinese bank for the domestic exchange rate (currently about 5.2) than most foreign local high, if it is in the small and medium-sized city currency exchange best friends go to the local branch of the head office, the other may not exist in foreign currency, or a day in advance and bank appointment, I wasted a whole day at that time, because do not know even branch the appointment, in the north of Guangzhou would not have had to change directly on the line)

air tickets and hotel booking tickets in advance of the

will be very cheap, we recommend AirAsia, is set for a return more than 1000 yuan ticket (Ali set)

hotel is the hotel landscape road (in the Xiecheng set, be set in advance, the ticket will book the hotel, the hotel environment), well, do not know what to say, anyway, not bad money classmates recommend Longma Hotel, at present 500 One more night, the environment is very good, after all, 5 star.

phone card:

recommends true move, which is more cost-effective than happy card. But only around 65 yuan is sold near Don Mueang International Airpo Airport near the Don Mueang International Airpo Airport, and 7 days wireless internet access can make 30 minute phone call. It is recommended to buy well at home, because the mobile phone network can not be used, and can not check the route of what, it feels too bad. The

Google map is one thousand times better than Baidu in foreign countries.

2. examination procedures detailed notes (multi) registration registration website:



. I can only use visa or master card to pay a registration fee of

is now 6440 baht ($RMB to look at the current exchange rate of about more than 1200, I) ukvi expensive should be about 2K yuan.

II. Pay

within 30 minutes after filling in the information, so a friend without cards must prepare the card ahead of time. I was in a hurry to get round because of the need for a temporary loan.

III. Prepare a passport scanning picture

to upload to be uploaded, can be a picture of the picture, but it is best to scan.

IV. As early as sign up

, there are many tests in Thailand. There are fewer people. Even if they are only more than 10 days away from the exam, they can still sign up. But it is recommended that they sign up as early as possible and decide to act immediately. I hesitated for a long time before signing up, so I almost missed the exam.

v. The specific application flow chart, _, stamp: graphic analysis, white

3. into the examination process and matters needing attention

Thailand: Bangkok IELTS IELTS two

1. the landmark hotel (Bangkok Longma Hotel), the center hosted by BC,. Landmark is located in Sukhumvit Road, which is very close to BTS Nana, and the traffic is very convenient. Around two McDonald's three 7-11, eat without worry.

2. The Montien Hotel (Bangkok Longma Hotel), the center is sponsored by IDP, Mongolia days in the center of Silom, MTR Sam Yam station 300 meters distance.

Landmark examination two words: comfortable! One word: cold!

Ukvi test in the 9 floor, 2 examination rooms, a large and small conference room. Big meeting room 120 examinees, small conference room 24 examinees. (according to the adjustment of the number of applicants) the

general IELTS test is on the 7 floor, and a large conference room can sit more than 300 people. A table of two people can be a glimpse of the exam, tropia papers from the table. (when I read the volume, I glanced at the Thailand girl who didn't finish it. Haha hahahaha) the

examination room was very cool, and the environment was very good. It was very quiet. It was very convenient to provide drinking water and wash toilets before entering the examination room.

staff are very nice, a lot better than the domestic test, always laughing, watching them I do not be nervous about the exam. Have any questions they will be eager to help

! Before entry process

half past eight only passport to Longma Hotel 7 floor (ukvi is 9 floor, need to take a copy of your passport, a copy of Longma Hotel on the first floor of the place, specifically asked the staff), look at your seat number. Another East

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