Li Bingbing's no PS passer-by looks like Liu Xiaoqing out of his face.

Li Bingbing Liu Xiaoqing the life of yearning

tanzi· 2017-12-23 10:06:52

said, for a long time, Li Bingbing didn't hear much of the news. Even the recent starring movie "mystery nest" simply launched a video promotion on micro-blog.

have doubled in recent micro-blog, Li Bingbing to spend more time with the family of the side, with parents to travel around the world, and nephew together delicacy manual, will be the cause of slow, life is over the more happy ah.

a few days ago, Li Bingbing was invited to Shanghai to attend the 2017 beautiful ceremony, a black Strapless evening dress, cuffs transparent printing not only let Li Bingbing become intellectual beauty but also with a little sexy, good-looking.

, even if Li Bingbing is in the dim light, the skin is also white and shining, directly kill the fashion editor, Su Mang, who is holding the mobile phone after mad.

" and just finished not long after the goose, the netizen drying out Li Bingbing before entering the red carpet HD photos, I found, was too scary! The

photos of Li Bingbing left hand akimbo pictures, the skin is still white light, but all the attention was completely attracted to her face, face and eye week filled with wrinkles, fine lines on the neck exposed, mouth feeling not swollen, the skin condition is really too bad.

left PS HD according to Li Bingbing, really crit is terrible, can not be identified.

can not believe this is always good looking Li Bingbing. Even the net friend spit, now Li Bingbing has a little face Liu Xiaoqing??

73 Li Bingbing contrast Liu Xiaoqing for 55 years, I really don't mind too.

, and netizens said, "now Li Bingbing can directly move herself into the wax museum. "

" but before netizens picked up Li Bingbing's "yearning for life", the skin is not so exaggerated as it is now, at least it is smooth and nice.

, so the goddess takes advantage of the time to rest now, or do a good job of skin management.

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