The Canadian Prime Minister's remarks come out, even the Americans are scared.

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zhongqingwang· 2017-12-23 12:19:36

Canadian Prime Minister Justin? Trudeau (Justin Trudeau) recently in an interview with the Canadian National Television (CTV) said in an interview, he believes that the lost Islamic Jihad in overseas returned to Canada after the defeat of the members of the ISIS - Canada can become a powerful voice against radicalism.

reported that, now, a large part of the ISIS has been on the verge of extinction. This is the result of intensified offensive against the extreme forces in Iraq and other regions. In Canada, some of the extremists who have been fighting for ISIS will still be willing to return to their own country. Unlike the United States, Canada is welcome to the extremists who want to return to their own countries.

Trudeau affirmed this statement in an interview and thought it was a good thing.

" he said, "in fact we all know, who had been involved in after the departure from this evil thought, in fact can be a powerful force to help prevent extremist ideas spread in the next generation and young group. "

his statement was in the opposite direction with the Canadian Minister of public security, Gudil (Ralph Goodale). Recently, Gudil said in the same program that it is almost impossible to completely change the ISIS extremists who have witnessed the battlefield, and the possibility of reversing this kind of violent thinking is almost zero.

Gudil also said, "if you want to successfully intervene in a thing, the sooner the better. The way to stop the problem is to kill it in the cradle. Once a person enters the theater, once it has been actively involved in terrorism related activities, want to forsake heresy and return to the truth is simply fantastic.

however, discerning Trudeau still insists that although some countries are severely prosecute those who in the world is ISIS for extremists, but he thinks, be able to return to their homes or extremists have the opportunity to be reformed.

he will be committed to converting Islamic militants into Canadian assets. He said he understood the risks that the extremists might return to China, and was bound to take some actions to control it. However, he was ready to accept them anyway.

for Trudeau's position, Canada's netizens do not seem to buy it.

worried many people in Canada's safety, the more attracted a group of people to taunt Trudeau, think the young president was too naive...

[Trudeau will allow Canadians to kill innocent.

is okay. We are looking forward to his stepping down every day: the conservative party is growing day by day.

. How did Canada choose such a prime minister? Did he buy his world view on the Disney channel?

your prime minister's behavior is quite troublesome for us Americans. Sadly, the globalists like him are more concerned with other people, not their own citizens.

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