"Net red" hot sweeping China: most people have a meager income

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Reference News Network December 23 daily Road West media said, China has more than 750 million Internet users in the network space, is undergoing a massive outbreak of the webcast revolution brought by software. Many enterprises have developed similar to the "periscope" video streaming website or Facebook broadcast service. The anchors are here to carry out a bold, real - time display.

data picture: the webcast anchor live online in its own room (April 28, 2015). Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Dawei

, according to the Spanish "national newspaper" reported in December 19th, at present, China has about 300 live platforms, with nearly 250 million users. About 6 million of the daily life of real-time display on these platforms, homework from the children to the elderly to play mahjong, from military training to "chowhound" to cook and eat everything … &hellip. Not long ago, accidentally falls dead in the extreme sports enthusiast Wu Yongning was broadcast on the platform of the star, with a large number of fans.

reports that Wu Yongning's tragedy has once again triggered a discussion of the "net red" phenomenon. Some local media by Wu Yongning events on the broadcast platform and that if Wu not on these sites so popular, perhaps this tragedy will not happen, these extreme sports enthusiasts "fans" step by step, pushing them to the "hard" broadcast.

, however, what these media did not mention is that with tens of thousands of fans coming, these "net red" are making thousands of euros with their videos. There is no doubt that live broadcast has become a very profitable business. According to the data published by the relevant agencies, the total amount of "net red economy" in China reached 52 billion 800 million yuan in 2016, according to the data published by the relevant agencies. It is predicted by Yi Guan international that this number will reach RMB 100 billion yuan in 2018. Some "net red" income is even higher than some big movie stars.

reports that the work of "net red" doesn't look too hard. Many "net red" in the live broadcast just chat their own life, and then hit the advertising. Their income mainly comes from three channels: the profits of self run commodities, the advertising benefits for other brands, and the "virtual gifts" that can be exchanged for fans and gifts to real gold and silver.

, a "net red" little beauty that did not want to reveal her real name, showed her live life. This was born in Shanxi, currently living in Shanghai girl through live monthly income, Betta YY live beauty shot platform in 25 thousand yuan (about 3300 euros), this is the average monthly wage in Shanghai several times. While Xiao Mei is not satisfied with the number, her goal is to earn 10 thousand euros a month. "I started in the industry 1 and a half years ago, when some of my little sisters had tried it, and they told me that it was fast. In that case, I began to make a live make-up. "Xiaomei told western media.

reported that, however, not all "net red" can be successful. The competition in the industry is fierce. In order to enter the circle, it will cost more and more investment. Another is named "Red Net" Barbara told reporters: "there are a lot of scenes on the line. At the very least, "buy powder", that is, the so-called 'zombie powder'. In addition, if a broker is signed, it is likely to be asked to do plastic surgery to make it more attractive. "It is reported that 10% of" net red "acknowledges that his face has been made" fine tune "so that it can show people on the Internet in a better image. "I know people who spend more than 100 thousand yuan in plastic surgery. Becoming sexier is crucial to attracting fans, especially male fans. "She said. The flourishing of the

"net red" economy has even spawned some companies that specializes in creating cyberspace stars. "In terms of business, some internet stars have even surpassed traditional stars. "The founder of the net red incubator, Tophot, Chen Yujin, said in an interview with the Broadcasting British Corporation. "We are a platform dedicated to helping the common people we think have the potential, especially the young women. We help them create a public image and provide them with courses. Then we will help them to enter the live, promotion and e-commerce industry. "She said. (compiling / Han Chao)

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