HK "grey room" Quest: Global fans visit the temple for a lifetime gun

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hawk26jiangwutang· 2017-12-23 21:45:14

you can imagine a room filled with all kinds of guns, all precious.

" this room is called "gun house", the annual European firearms magazine or website will be "gun house" award, often have a room in the TOP10, this is Koch grey room heckler American company "". In 2007, the United States Koch heckler company decided to display a variety of test models of the gun or grenade launcher in a room, because the room walls and floors are gray, it is known as the "grey room".

, this room is used as conference room, which is really the best conference room in the world. In peacetime "gray room" is not open, only when the government procurement officials come, will open the door. So it's almost impossible to be able to visit here. However, the author (Eric B) had a chance to meet the "Temple" that he would like to enter.

in order to confidentiality, the face of the author and his companion has been processed. This is the author is watching a variety of MP5 assault rifles.

. I hold a USP pistol, behind is the rifle sniper rifle, the rifle and the machine gun.

HK21E / HK11E is equipped with a drum, it is equipped with three round burst mode, the casing is longer, can use the adapter to switch or link ammunition magazine. In its interview is the HK PSG1 semi-automatic sniper rifle.

excitability three group.

replacement support wood, handle, butt, install a silencer G36 rifle.

G11 K2 shell projectile rifle.

" this is the XM8 rifle series, pay attention on the number second, that is the XM8 compact carbine prototype "Spiral 1", pay attention to it and ITI ISM retractable buttstock sight model, and the blank of the insurance.

left three row central is transparent G36, below only with C-More red dot pistol is SP40, the stainless steel sleeve gun, the bullet fired.40S&W.

" this is the two row P7 pistol, which is the first polymer sleeve seat VP70Z, launch 9 x 21mm bullet. There are also the P7M7 prototype gun, which launches the.45ACP bullet, with a serial number of 002.

" this is 40mm in the automatic grenade launcher, the upper right corner is equipped with retractable buttstock HK416 like gun.

" on the right side is fixed on the special air defense gun HK23E gun. On the left are all kinds of shotguns. The number second is the United States M1014 joint combat shotguns equipped with retractable buttstock.

" if you want a Heckler Koch weapons list, the wooden shotgun is probably in the back row of the.

" on the left is the four G11 shell rifles, each kind of gun is developed in different stages, is extremely precious, the bottom is the G11 complex part. There is a transparent UMP submachine gun on the right. The UMP is equipped with AR below the transparent folding butt type. The upper right is a transparent version of SL8-1.

" on the lower position, is equipped with a XM320 type 40mm underbarrel grenade launcher XM8 carbine rifles. The

MP5 wall, and the removable silencer installed in the middle is the MP5/40 perview_img_p type prototype gun. The third row on the right side is SP89 semi-automatic pistol, which is the civilian version of MP5K, and uses the small grip of PSG1 sniper rifle. This kind of gun is prohibited by the US.

" this is HKM4D, serial number 88-000007, is from the start of the gun, heckler & Koch began to develop AR series rifles. The colt claimed M4 the right to use the name, if the heckler & Koch foreign sales of this gun will infringe the patent right. The heckler & Koch decided on the improvement of HKM4 at the same time, changed its name to HK416. HKM4D
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