The United States Strategic Bomber pilots than age fly off the engine speed

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zhanluewang· 2017-12-23 21:46:12

recently, a picture of an accident from B-52 has been out of the army. The B-52 in the photo has lost an engine, and the lines and lines between the engine pod are clearly visible.

the accident sounds for adventure, but four engine A380 can safely land on losing a whole engine case, it has eight sets of TF33 (JT3D) turbofan engine B-52 is naturally leisurely, just close on the side of the engine, you can safely drop.

(picture of accident. B-52H has four engine pod with two TF33 engines on each of the pod.

may be due to the accident, and there is not much media coverage of the accident. But the accident can easily be associated with the proper rate of the bombers, because they have been in service for too long.

is still in the service of B-52H, purchased in 1960, and delivered to the last one in 1962. In other words, the youngest "Stratofortress" has been fifty-seven years old! Despite several modernization modifications and life extension, the US Air Force has not gained the new bomber's &hellip &hellip now for twenty years; those bombers may at least serve until around 2030.

(despite the addition of a large number of varieties of electronic equipment, but still can not change the "four generation of the same machine" awkward fact).

" (group B-21 still looks cattle roaring in sight. Considering its predecessor B-2 only produced twenty-one, B-52H I'm afraid still teeth when old birthday).

in fact, the U. S. bomber team, although large, but the overall age of the machine has been "high". 78 B-52H, 20 B-2, 62 B-1B, the youngest also twenty years old, the replacement problem is quite severe. It is necessary to know that the civil aviation machines in the same time are changing rapidly, and the bombers, which are to be used in the harsh environment, may not be good.

, looking around the world, is still only the Chinese air force one in the air strategic strike force that is still in mass updating equipment. Facts have proved that in order to maintain normalization of large voyages, large formations, high-intensity drills, and the evolution of tactical thinking, it is very necessary for equipment to keep updating.

(rumored to be a successor model of bombardment -6K, can add the air to shoot the ballistic anti ship missile's attack. In recent years, our army has continued to increase its input on the equipment level, and the new models and new tactics emerge in endlessly.

it is true that the Chinese air force has experienced the difficult times of "less gas and less steel" and the confidence to win the war with backward equipment. But as the old general of Liu Yudi said, "the Chinese can not always be less steel", and must pay more attention to the investment in equipment R & D and replacement. Once the slack is wasted. (sharp edge)

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