Chengdu property market: developers have to ask for a full house to buy a house

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from October 31st to December 14th, within 45 days, there was no housing sale certificate issued in Chengdu. In the time when the property market was cut off, Chinese business reporter visited the new and secondary housing market in Chengdu and found that the phenomenon of house price upside down has become more and more popular in the

market. In the six main cities of Qingyang, Jinniu, Chenghua, Jinjiang, Wuhou and hi-tech, the price of second-hand housing is 1000 to 5000 yuan higher than that of new housing. The price of second-hand housing in the hot area of Tianfu New Area in Chengdu direct pipe area is increasing.

, many industry insiders said that the upside down of housing prices is partly due to the insufficient supply of new housing market, and on the other hand, it is further exacerbating the relatively tight supply of new houses. The situation in

may not be improved until 2018. At present, Chengdu market still has a large number of buildings to be sold, according to the new policy of the Chengdu property market, when the sale of real estate is to take a fair shake - up policy, the whole section is not received. Zhonghai Jinjiang City, new mileage of green space began to register two or three months ago, and now it has queued up to thousands of people.

house prices generally hang upside down

"buy a house? There are a lot of second-hand houses available on the market now. "

now, the opening words of the real estate agency have changed into" second hand house choice "words. When the reporter showed the purchase intention of the house to many intermediaries, they were all received by the above-mentioned expression. At the same time, the intermediaries will not be taboo to point out that the price of second-hand housing is higher than the price of new housing in the same region. According to the rent network data center, November 2017, Chengdu city house price is 10399 yuan / square meters, down 4.8%; second-hand housing prices for 14689 yuan / square meters, an increase of 4.9%.

in some hot areas, second-hand housing prices higher than the new housing phenomenon is more obvious. It is understood that the twenty-four Huarun city in Chenghua District will launch the seven phase in July this year, mainly from 90 square meters to 136 square meters of three units, the average price is about 15500 yuan / square meter, and it is expected to add eight points next year. At present, the average price of second-hand housing in Huarun twenty-four cities has been over 25000 yuan / square meter from one to six, and even to 28000 yuan / square meter. The average price of second-hand housing is about 10000 yuan / square meter.

high tech Zone South Sanhuan America garden Palm Cove is still in the sale, the reporter learned at the project site, a Sanshierting Wei two of about 105 square meters of apartment layout, price has reached 19470 yuan / square meters. Chengdu transparent real estate network sponsored by the real estate information archives center of Chengdu shows that the most recent time to get the pre-sale certificate is in August 29, 2014. The real estate agents and residents nearby said that the average selling price was only 8000 yuan per square meter.

in the second-hand housing market, according to the chain of home transaction statistics system showed that in January 2017 the city of Chengdu of the reference price of 9805 yuan / square meters, the city's stock price 10640 yuan / square meters, to November 2017, the city's reference price rose to 13333/ square meters, the city listed the average price rose to 16668/ square meters, and the rise does not decay.

in Chengdu second-hand housing market prices are high, the director of the Chengdu Chain Research Institute Zhang Jian said that the key reason with the new second-hand housing market upside down, is the new home market supply shortage, the market and the existence of many young people, the first set of home with children family wards and other rigid requirements, so the rigid demand will quickly spill over to the second-hand housing market, so that the owners of second-hand housing market is expected to end up.

in addition, the price limit policy and other reasons further aggravated the price reversal of second-hand housing and new housing. Zhang Dawei, chief analyst of Zhongyuan Real estate, said that at present, the measures of housing market regulation did not create pressure on the price of second-hand housing, and the difference between new and second-hand houses would be invisible. "But the second-hand housing prices higher than the new phenomenon, in fact, is not healthy, easy to breed some developers cover plate reluctant sellers, buyers receive tea water, long queuing etc.. "

, a hot area in the south of the city, is temporarily off the

. In fact, the phenomenon of the upside down of the second-hand housing and the new house is not only due to the insufficient supply of new houses, but also may lead to the new market being delayed in order to raise the latter price.

reporters visited the new housing market of Chengdu's major cities, and found that many of the properties were sold out. The time for pushing or opening new buildings was unknown. It is expected to wait until 2018. While the development momentum is strong and the developer takes a lot of Tianfu new area, the ordinary housing is only only sold in the new Hongji city and the Tianfu bank. In the high-tech zone, in addition to the previously mentioned America garden Palm Cove and Xiang Yue city (also known as sweet lake two) of a large-sized apartment house, almost the same no rooms available for sale.

in 45 days from October 31st to December 14th, there was no housing sale in Chengdu. Chengdu property market is also temporarily in the period of disconnection.

, of course, is also related to the latest fair shake up policy in Chengdu. In November 16th, Chengdu City Housing Authority and the Municipal Judicial Bureau issued a notice that the requirements of the new pre-sale permit filing or sale of commodity housing sales price to take all the housing sales legalization Yaohao sort. In December 2nd, Chengdu's purchase of notarized notarization rules officially released. In between, the city's commercial housing pre-sale permit and sale record were suspended. But

, a chain of home real estate intermediary surnamed Li and the Mayan housing a Yangxing brokerage

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