"All of them, give the seats to the people!" The waiting hall was shocked

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xinhuashe· 2017-12-24 00:53:51

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recently, such a picture touched countless people.

photographers said that

was the Beijing West Railway Station in the afternoon of December 20th, and

was struck in the waiting hall.

officer said: "

" all of the , give the seat to the people! "

soldiers were sitting in the middle seat waiting


is sitting on his quilt

↓ ↓ ↓

photographer added later, when the car


all men are conscious the side of the garbage thrown into the trash picked clean


where they passed,

was spotless.

more people to tears, "/p>

users have encountered the soldiers to share their story. Every story in

is a personal experience, and every section of the

is popular.

↓ ↓ ↓

@" you see the neighbor: I met at the LiuZhou Railway Station, probably hundreds of soldiers, the car is not to put things, good code, row sat on the ground waiting for the car. at that moment I understood that they didn't give up their seats so simple, they didn't want to sit down at all.

@ 2008: when the fox terrier in Wenchuan earthquake, 5000 meters diving airborne, led by Colonel , he said "the party and the people of our time to test! "Just twist the head, and then I find that this army is really worthy of admiration!

@ micro-blog: to music last week to Tianjin, hard seat car encounter fellow team, looking at all in their twenties, eating instant noodles also specially to the junction of the car no one place to eat, and when the train attendant garbage simply directly connected to the conductor in the hands of garbage bags to help one by one seat the garbage. really, this situation must be seen to have feelings.

@ Wood said no o:, remember brother took me out to play on vacation this year, when I bought the ticket, I said there was no military priority, , he said generally nothing urgent. (they are really not easy, leave at home all the time.)

@ EH - good heart: because of various reasons, when I went home during the Spring Festival in 2013, I was away from the Guangzhou Railway Station for twenty minutes, and the square was full of people. Until I saw the armed police who kept order, after explaining the situation, he opened the way in front of him. I followed behind and kept talking to two people, thank you, so that I caught the train. four years, I have forgotten that the military's appearance, also forgot to stop when there is no time to say thank you, but I always remember him a military uniform, tall and strong.

@ Yu: , I saw a recalled officer at the LanZhou Railway Station last summer, who rushed to buy a ticket and returned to the army. The queuing people scolded the quality, and the booking clerk didn't give precedence. In the end I got him in front of me in . They pay too much for the national people, love the soldiers, and love themselves.

station has

"military priority" channel signs,

, however, the

patrol station, they are priority!

flood prevention and rescue, they are priority!

earthquake relief, they priority!

to defend the country, they preferred!

… …

time to go convenient channel,

time to have convenient service,

but they put the first "privilege" of the people left,

sat on the floor of the "privilege" for myself!

for the people's children,


source: army newspaper reporter

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