But the gentle attack! Liu Shishi has recently been roadshow other Shuabing

Liu Shishi ZA

juziyule· 2017-12-24 03:05:55

these two days to be orange Jun other poems, Shuabing roadshow! Every day a new look, while love poems to around the country ran to the other side of each other quite expect roadshow...

" in Nanjing roadshow poems suit, white letters T-shirt collocation nebulous lace skirt the upper part of the body, is a neutral line of cool, lower body is a delicate and feminine lace skirt, set a gentle and handsome little sister!

accessories choose the asymmetrical bead string earrings, so that the simple and generous shape is much more sense of design. Fine black belt in the suit outside, this slender waist good envy!

" recently, hair and makeup and style variety, compared to her pale as chrysanthemum temperament, orange Jun love her more gentle and the smile ~

" then, Liu Shishi what to wear?

orange monarch exclusive welfare! Pay attention to the orange entertainment WeChat public number: (juziyule), send "Liu Shishi picture", see the star exclusive HD atlas! There's also a chance to get a star exclusive photo suit.

recently to be the last sentence poem style ~

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But the gentle attack! Liu Shishi has recently been roadshow other Shuabing

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