The Chinese technology has no advantage in American F22

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micaihujunshi· 2017-12-24 16:53:47

recently released a new chip on a high-tech equipment exhibition, which broke the monopoly of foreign countries and made our radar able to equip the domestic chip. This chip is Hua Rui I, the DSP chip we have developed independently.

" in 2009, this chip has become an important research task for us based software products as well as the core chip, at the same time in August has been completed the design, testing of the chip in 2010, in 2012 after the success of acceptance. The development of

Huarui serial chip has made our equipment more information security and can further improve the performance of our military radar. This chip mainly uses the architecture of our dragon core three, and also solves the technical parameters such as multiple vector processing, process design and so on.

" when the chip is developed successfully after the subversion of the US in the western countries in the mouth can not create a homemade chip of speech, and we are now able to DSP quad core chip and MPC8640D of America, C6701 and other international well-known chip comparable. It can be used in our military equipment to combat the enemy electronically.

now our radar can carry out more complex and more difficult electronic countermeasures. At the same time, the radar equipped with this chip has better performance than the existing India radar. Before we import foreign chips, we often do not get high quality products, so our weapon performance can not be played well.

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" now we Chinese core two has also been successfully developed, and has been equipped in a variety of new weapons and equipment, repeatedly found that F-22 radar is the installation of the chip on the radar, I believe the near future, Hua Rui three the number will be available, we become a core of protecting national information and technical safety.

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