The birthday of the emperor is now "Taiwan civil government" green media gloating

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guanchazhewang· 2017-12-24 16:54:08

[observer net synthesis], according to Japanese media reports, on December 23rd, the Japanese palace hall held an event in the imperial residence on the same day to celebrate Akihito's 84 year old birthday and open the public to attend the celebration. However, the Global Times reporter to interview Jiang Feng, but noted that the delegation of the Taiwan underworld "fine day" scam "Taiwan government" is considered. He ranks, can not help but suspect that Japanese intentions in. In December 23rd

2017, the emperor of Akihito will be 84 years old. The public's attention to the old man has risen a lot since the official news from Japan said that the emperor had been determined to be abdicated the year after. According to Japan's official statistics, the number of participating in the Birthday Ceremony for emperor Akihito ascended the throne since the most, up to 52 thousand people. The weather was clear on the 23 day of

12. At 9:30 in the morning, under the strict guardianship of the police, nearly 10000 people crossed the double bridge through the Huangju entrance to the palace courtyard. Many people with paper Flag of Japan, there are people with huge banners, a letter to "emperor long live", "Showa strong breath" scene.

". He crowd into the emperor in the police under the guidance of Front Gate (in Japan's "Daily News" reported screenshot)

according to the plan, Akihito Huang Tai, wife of Emperor Huang, the second son of Akishino Miya married couple and the prince were in Japan Zhenzi at 10:20 in the morning, 11 at 11:40, appeared in the Palace East Chamber of the glass cover, made a speech, he accepted the congratulations to attend. Jiang Feng, a reporter for the

global times, found a group of people entering the meeting with the banner of "Taiwan civil government". And it was immediately arranged by the Japanese police in the courtyard of the East Court to accept the left front row of the Shiga. Apparently, the appearance of these people was known by the Japanese police and intrauterine Province, and had been arranged in contact with them.

" with "Taiwan civil government" flag admission (source: global network)

" was founded in the February 2008 political fraud group "Taiwan civil government" is a very take yourself seriously the gang, they own into Taiwan's "administrative division", issued their own "identity card", and even have "armed forces" or "black bear force". The gang has a great relationship with Japan. They claim that Taiwan's territorial sovereignty is owned by Japan and visits the Yasukuni Shrine many times.

"Taiwan people's Government on" group of ugly photo (photo: "Taiwan people's government website)

today, the fraud Gang stately into imperial group". The emperor's birthday, he can not help but wonder what is the true intention Japanese officials. Jiang Feng said, "what kind of" freedom "or" right "can be explained by Japanese officials? But if someone is holding the flag of Okinawa independence, will Japanese officials allow them to enter the palace freely?

for 2016 "Taiwan people government" for the emperor's birthday "delegation", visible in this class more than a danced a day for two days (source: "Taiwan people's government website)

observer network note on Japanese mainstream media" Taiwan people's government. He Gang does not concern the emperor's birthday, even some is famous for the right-wing Japanese media has been reported. To say that the Japanese authorities should make use of the matter for "Taiwan sovereignty belongs to Japan", it may be a bit far fetched. However, the attitude of the Japanese authorities to the "Taiwan civil government" group is so "tolerant", and the arrangement is so "thoughtful", I am afraid it can not be explained by simple coincidence.

caused considerable repercussions in Taiwan after the incident. Taiwan pan media rejoicing, have to "Land Title Media collapse like speculation, is the root of chicken feathers lianjian. "when the electronic newspaper quoted" KMT chairman Li Mingxian on social media said: Taiwan authorities had accused the Party of Wang Bingzhong et al. Development of "foreign organization", "the establishment of the armed forces". The "Taiwan people's government", which is called the US military government's unit in Taiwan, not only sets up the "regime", but also divides Taiwan into 6 states without authorization, with its own identity card and license plate, and has its own black bear army. According to the "national security law", the Taiwan civil government organization is also suspected to be a "foreign" development organization, and the "armed forces" are also publicly established. Would Taiwan prosecutors want to go through the Wang Bingzhong case and search for the "Taiwan people's government"?

can be seen from this, although the Japanese officials have not made a statement, the impact of the matter is not mild. Japan is not on the issue of territorial sovereignty and China confrontation, this small action can mobilize social emotions, provide ammunition for green public opinion. Uchida Ki, a Japanese scholar, once pointed out that "face to face obedience and disobedience behind the scenes" is the Japanese instinct. "Pretend not to understand each other's rules and deliberately offend to take advantage of it" is the Japanese's long skill. Let "Taiwan people government" this isn't the insignificant skill, Chinese unity and territorial sovereignty of some unspeakable subconscious reveal it

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