The success of domestic AG600 amphibious amphibious aircraft

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huanqiushibao· 2017-12-24 16:54:24

today, the world's most popular global amphibious aircraft, AG600, is the first to develop a test flight. AG600 take off at about 9:40, Zhuhai Jinwan airport, the first flight is expected to grow about 1 hours .

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this morning, the first AG600 onshore in Guangdong Zhuhai fly. This is also a sign that the world's largest amphibious aircraft is formally entering the test flight phase from the development stage, and the aircraft is planned to fly first next year.

AG600 has filled the gaps in the development of large amphibious aircraft in China. After transporting 20 and C919, we added a powerful heavyweight athlete to our large aircraft family. The

AG600 aircraft completed its assembly line in Zhuhai last July 23rd. This year, it has completed the low medium speed skating test and the first flight technical quality review. In December 7th, AG600 amphibious aircraft made a special flight permit, this morning in Zhuhai Bay Airport completed its first flight test.

"AG600 earlier taxiing test in Zhuhai.

large scale fire fighting / water rescue amphibious aircraft AG600 is a large special purpose civil aircraft developed for the first time in order to meet the urgent need of forest fire fighting and water rescue in China. It is a major aviation equipment urgently needed for the construction of national emergency rescue system. Many of the characteristics of the amphibious, large loading capacity, long range, moderate ceiling, wide speed range, low altitude flight performance, especially suitable for fire monitoring and forest fire, maritime search and rescue, maintenance of maritime rights and interests, the marine environment monitoring and protection purposes, in addition, can also be used for marine monitoring customs, environment and resources monitoring, air transportation, tour / sightseeing and private business etc..

currently in the world, the development and equipment of large and large amphibious aircraft in the countries of Russia, Japan, Canada and a few countries. The development of a world's largest amphibious aircraft is not only the necessity of the development of China's aviation technology, but also the embodiment of the national strategic demand.

in addition to meeting the needs of the state in the rapid rescue capability on the development process of AG600, whether the corresponding aviation materials, processing or civil aviation airworthiness certification system gain valuable experience for China's aviation industry has formed a huge and the surrounding radiation leading role.

source: Xinhua, China youth network video, CCTV news

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