The nineteen major strategy or the release of millions of billions of wealth

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wisdom Valley is probably the current economic field a very important change in trend, it is no less than the influence of social wealth in the past few years, be in full swing "to stock" policy. The author judges that the rural land will be melted and leveraged in the next few years. What can happen when hundreds of billions of money and tens of millions of people pour into the city? May as well do a discussion first. Author Deng Yuanjie

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12 19 days, "Beijing daily" report shocked a lot of people!

" the article said, rural property exchange in Beijing city and Beijing city agricultural financing Company limited by guarantee jointly launched the rural land contracting management right mortgage financing of agricultural products "rights". That is to say, the country to let the farmers can take land as collateral for cash, or other investment activities engaged in production!

"agricultural rights and insurance", I saw the first eye as the "serf insurance". If there is a question, how can the farmer be a serf? More carefully, it is found that it is the "rights" of farmers. From the point of view, farmers have power, and this kind of power should be protected. Well, that's the same. At least it's literally tall.

in fact, as early as 2014 the central document, has clearly encouraged "land contract management rights can be secured financing, allowing contracted land management rights secured financing from financial institutions, the aim of the course is to speed up the transfer of land, speeding up the modernization of agriculture.

, and before the land transfer process, many small areas, even the surrounding areas of Chengdu, have launched similar measures.

" but these are the local minor, the land management right for financing, no trivial matter. So it was not until January 2014 that the Ministry of agriculture allowed the two provinces of Sichuan and Zhejiang to make the right registration of the rural land contractual management right. Therefore, in 2014 and later, the local land financing is still relatively slow.

is more slow in Beijing as the capital, and its action is more symbolic. Until the beginning of 2017, Beijing had the first formal mortgage of rural land contract rights.

. This project is a farm with 365 acres of land contractual management rights as collateral, financing 5 million. And the media said this is a "beneficial exploration", which should also be the idea of the government at that time: go through the river through the stone and start slowly. So 365 acres of land only mortgage financing 5 million, the relative size is very small.

but it's not the same time. The large lower threshold, the maximum credit per household 3 million yuan, if in accordance with the relevant policies, and can enjoy the full government subsidies and interest guarantee fee. In other words, if it is in accordance with the further conditions, the farmers (or the Contractor) even the guarantee and interest do not have to go out! The temptation of

free loans is quite large. And Beijing, as the capital, has a great leading role in the country. It can be said that the Beijing city rural land contracting management right mortgage financing scheme is officially released, the nineteen proposed Rural Revitalization Strategy, promote the rural land contract "three rights" division and a series of major decisions after a specific measures, a demonstration with a large head role.

has been said to be more straight, and capital will enter the rural market in a large scale. Innumerable farmers or rural management units can take land management right as mortgage to obtain financing and develop the rural economy.

most importantly, the State encourages it to do so.

, according to the introduction of Beijing Nong Dan company, Beijing has leveraged 21 billion 200 million yuan of social financial capital, supporting the financing needs of nearly 10000 farmers in agricultural business entities, and effectively alleviating the financing difficulties of the Three Gorges farmers. This means an average of about 2000000 yuan per household. About 1000~1500 square kilometers of Beijing's farming land has been mortgaged to financial institutions. The total area of Beijing is 16 thousand and 800 square kilometers, and farmland, forests, orchard and rural unused land account for about 55% or more than 9200 square kilometers. This means that about 10 to 16% of the agricultural land in Beijing has been granted loans from financial institutions. Beijing agricultural financing Company limited by guarantee and Beijing rural Equity Exchange jointly issued the "agricultural rights protection", which should be another large-scale action of melon ripe behind, and it is a sign that heavyweight agencies come in. The action of

has been promoted by many media, of course, a marketing, and it also represents the country's intentions and encouragement in this respect. If the "agricultural rights and insurance" is well done, it will expand to the Tianjin Hebei region in the next few years. Nationwide, it can be predicted that, with the support of the state and the efforts of many financial institutions, the agricultural guarantee network system will develop rapidly in the whole country, and realize the sinking of institutions.

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