Ren Zhengfei Wang Jianlin: "the other" harm to the young people!

Ren Zhengfei Dong Mingzhu Wang Jianlin

shangjie· 2017-12-24 16:58:21

, a recent video of HUAWEI founder Ren Zhengfei, suddenly exploded a circle of friends.

in the video, Ren Zhengfei stressed: "this country cannot

like the Internet, a day of grumbling, then do not work, then move a small target will earn a lot of money, this is the harm to the young people, young people have to struggle! In the society of money supremacy, you can also take out a kind of spirit, I think this is the precious wealth left to the future generations. "

" small target ", this is not what Wang Jianlin said, what's the matter?

" originally, it is said that in January this year, Ren Zhengfei, former deputy prime minister and Construction Engineering Corps political commissar Liu Liyuan came to the valley Muzhi sub headquarters of HUAWEI, a documentary "burning passion of the memory - we are the" glory of infrastructure engineering. Ren Zhengfei communicated with them for nearly 3 hours, and the video was taken at that time.

however, although Ren Zhengfei's emphasis on "youths", but the focus is not on the other Wang Jianlin, but said now is blundering, "focus on the fighting spirit" is the precious wealth for posterity in the eyes of Ren Zhengfei "".

no wonder Ren Zhengfei would like the other "small target", Chinese industry is the most dangerous moment, everybody wants to engage in finance, make quick money, entrepreneurs such as Ren Zhengfei has become less and less!

makes fast money Vogue: it's dangerous to go down to the country!

now in the Chinese, most likely to make money is not really to do business, but for one of the most dazzling speed concept, to set up the "team" in the capital market, to earn cash, one can spend 10 years.

this is a story: an entrepreneur

, he and his wife took the 10 million yuan investment, hard to do business under the entrepreneur, hundreds of workers at the end of the year, earn hundreds of thousands; his wife to do venture capital speculation, to the end of the year, revenue doubled.

you say, how do you make people concentrate on business? In the past

5000 years, Chinese people have advocated "diligence and prosperity", and generations of Chinese have created brilliant material wealth by their own hands.

, however, after introducing the western financial system, many enterprises are obsessed with small capital, hype concept, low capital and high capital operation routines, engage in Internet and real estate, and continuously draw blood from the real economy. As a result of

, the glory of "diligence and prosperity" was completely crushed and the bubble of China's economy was blown more and more!

more importantly, financial instruments have concentrated the wealth of the whole society in the hands of a small group of people, and the gap between the rich and the poor is widening.

in this way, the hollow, the bubble can not be avoided, at the moment there is only one way out in China, that is, "industry to save the country"!

thankfully, the face of temptation, there is a portrait of Ren Zhengfei that entrepreneurs adhere to the choice of industrial country!

Ren Zhengfei: the Internet is just a tool, our aim is to develop the

industry led by Ren Zhengfei HUAWEI, R & D expenses as a percentage of income than never less than 8%, and the annual increase in 2016, spending on research and development than even as high as 14.6%, up to 76 billion 400 million yuan.

over the past 10 years, HUAWEI has invested more than 313 billion yuan in R & D.

under this stupid effort, HUAWEI products continue to make breakthroughs: on 2017 produced 30 major manufacturers of intelligent machines "

" Forbes evaluation before the HUAWEI Mate 10 Pro award to the year 2017 intelligent mobile phone, and that you use more for a long time, it will be more love mobile phone"!

not only does the product well, but HUAWEI also has one of the most commendable places - it's not going to be listed.

's so-called listing means that a company has shifted from "production and management" to "capital operation". Every day it stares at the stock price and deals with all the major shareholders. Where else is there to engage in industry?

in Ren Zhengfei's eyes, people who engage in finance can earn large fortune by relying on virtual concepts. Those who actually roll up their sleeves and work hard can earn only a small salary, which is the most unreasonable thing in the world.

he is not like that, but also to do so, under his leadership, HUAWEI may be "the most bitter"

"mattress company: Popular Culture", everyone has a mat for sleeping when working overtime, even Ren Zhengfei in his office also has a simple small bed;

72 old Ren Zhengfei, even the night alone in the airport taxi line.

, but HUAWEI is also the most generous company:

HUAWEI has 170 thousand employees, Ren Zhengfei open 98.6% of the shares to employees, and own only 1.4% of the company's share.

, which is probably the most unlisted company in the world, with the most dispersed shares, the largest number of employee stock ownership and the most single ownership structure, which is never seen in the history of human business. The "misery and generosity" of

created the centripetal force and fighting power of HUAWEI. It is no wonder that Ren Zhengfei said that the world is likely to dominate the unlisted.

Dong Mingzhu: adhere to the industry, never do finance!

Dong Mingzhu is a step by step or up from the grassroots, from the store shopping guide to the regional sales manager to the general manager of GREE, a hand to the domestic leading position, because of her spirit! When

talked about becoming a net red, Dong Mingzhu said it was because it was big.

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