"The sea of Japan is not the sea of Japan", the first of the ten catchwords for the East China Sea Fleet

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2017 in Kursk in December 24th, "the East China Sea Fleet issued" WeChat public numbers released "the East China Sea camp ten pandemic freshly baked, come onlookers" article, the breakdown of the East China Sea camp nine buzzwords, while the tenth pandemic is left up to the broad masses of officers and soldiers to fill in.

, in the ten pandemic, is located at the head of "the sea of Japan is not the sea of Japan".

"in the East China Sea Fleet release wrote: January 9, 2017, Chinese naval aviation in the sea of Japan and the route via the sea duty naval vessels of the training ship coordination, the East China Sea Fleet Air Force dispatched 6 aircraft boom -6 bombers participating and this is a routine arrangement within the annual training plan, not aimed at any particular country, area and the target, in accordance with relevant international law and international practice. The netizen teases: "the sea of Japan" is not the sea of Japan, and the Chinese navy will go again!

not only became the hot language of the Internet, but also quickly rose in the East China Sea, and was selected as the first ten popular words of the East China Sea camp.

" in addition to these words, let us look at the East China Sea camp other buzzwords and what?

, such as the third popular language, is "the soldier's brother comes to the bowl."

this refers to March 27, 2017, a fleet of men, self self self sing, bitter sweet soulful expression of Navy and the East China Sea is an offsite love, selfless dedication to the cause of the Navy version of "Chengdu" MV Huobian network.

, and another fourth catchwords called "the world is so large, let me have a look."

refers to the East China Sea Fleet fleet in April 23, 2017 150 sailing visit, but also the establishment of the people's Navy set sail 68th anniversary anniversary, which lasted 176 days, range of 31000 nautical miles, the successful visit to Africa and Europe in 20 countries, the track in two oceans and three continents, created a visit to the longest and most visited National People's naval history of the new record. The popular language of

fifth is also very aggressive. It is "not only your parents but also the strong motherland" that can bring you home.

refers to June 7, 2017, sudden illness in the mission process Huanggang twenty-sixth Fleet Escort Ship soldiers south of a return to the motherland, this is a field from Beijing to the Gulf of Aden, from the embassy to the Chinese enterprises on the heart of multi linkage medical treatment action. Of course, this sentence makes people think most is our military ships in the evacuation operations performance.

seventh buzzwords is very romantic, called "sea warships as witness".

refers to August 7, 2017, the voyage visit the fleet Changchun ship and the twenty-sixth batch of escort formation Yangzhou ship in the Gulf of Aden. In a couple of two formations perform different tasks -- Chen Xianbang, Jiang Linzhi (both the bride and groom to the East China Sea fleet, Lieutenant) in the task space to rest at a mooring ocean known as the most western style wedding, China naval history wedding fleet.

" there are ninth buzzwords, "may you freely, return is still young"

which refers to November 30, 2017, the year 2017 Navy officers to flag. "The East China Sea Fleet released" WeChat launched the thematic planning that day, causing strong readers' sympathy. They said that after reading the boiling blood, they also had tears in their eyes, and hit a record high.

iron barracks, running the soldiers, saying "you may freely return, is still young" countless comrades distressed at parting. The popular language

barracks, full of soldiers, full of warmth, down to earth, know the military situation, let us fans friends can learn the barracks of the soldiers in what, what to pay attention to. These popular words are full of the characteristics of the times, and they also resonate with the netizens.

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