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in recent years, with the LED lighting industry slowdown, prices fell, the new force points need to re positioning. Now intelligent is the global trend, smart home fast, so the development of intelligent lighting ushered in the great opportunity. < strong style = "max-width: 100%; box-sizing: border box! Important; word-wrap: break-word! Important;" > jab reading the original registration!

intelligent lighting: stunt or trend?

2016 in intelligent lighting market lively extraordinary. Global giants coincidentally to the upper reaches of the value chain, industrial lighting, automotive lighting, public lighting and many segments are also ushered in a boom. So the question is: intelligent lighting can be the next point? Intelligent Home Furnishing can with intelligent lighting to the princes?

. The giants thundering potential of the

Huawei & amp; op: [we are serious ~]

Huawei pace is stridden big enough, has released the HiLink connection agreement, and blazed CeBIT2016 industry the first multi-level intelligent control lighting networking solutions. Less than half of the platoon will be, and domestic lighting giant OPPLE will be fate in hand. Together to show loving, harmonious and happy day. Bless them!

look back a bit solitary larvae of ZTE, although some time ago lying gun restrictions make it suffered destroy grinding, but as one of the first to enter the smart cities internationally, ZTE's starting point is from the concept of green lighting linkage to vehicle networking charging pile, generous to deploy landing "blue pillar" intelligent streetlight project, has now entered trial operation.

in addition to domestic giants before leaving the and international telecom operators Vodafone and Philips also closely follow the trend signed a IOT cooperation agreement, Philips citytouch remote control platform will be equipped with Vodafone M2M SIM card fly high, fall even worse oh no, is taken further.

however market also need training public awareness of intelligent lighting. This depends on the international lighting giant and industry standards association of the lead, as well as related industries (such as the construction industry) joint universal, to promote the healthy development of the future of lighting.

smart lighting from the blasting point -- the only one you

said so much... If you don't come, Huawei, ZTE Vodafone what and I have hair relationship! So we sincerely invited to smart home & amp; lighting is interested in you, in the bright afternoon is the 511 this sunny (or amidst the Feiwei, let we together to talk about the lamp, talk about home, listen to the teachers to preach to reassure, take the time to let their "living elsewhere". (; background-color: (;;;;; margin-bottom: ": we are here at noon (; background-color: (;;;;; margin-bottom:"

for three or four hours, and you will hear the most authoritative prediction, the most grounded analysis on intelligent lighting, you want here, you want to know the all inclusive

most black technology?

the will to make money is what?

what most can win was favored by the market? Where are the real pain points and the excitement?

intelligent lighting when volcanic explosion hair?

standard when appear?

you want intelligent lighting the focus which features? Where is the public opinion?

intelligent lighting when invaded our daily life? Invasion will not be very cruel?

intelligent lighting is what? Can I eat it?

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