The pilotage machine was carried out, causing 3 aircraft to hit the mountain, and the loss was heavy.

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tanjunyizhan· 2017-12-25 21:05:22

recently, a group of photos on the Internet have attracted the attention of the vast number of netizens. 6 planes have crossed the blue sky of our country. It has been confirmed that the third batches of Russia's 5 Soviet -35 and IL -76 transport aircraft were delivered to China. In combination with previous deliveries, it is doubted why the Russian -76 is used every time the Russian warplanes are delivered.

has been answered by military experts. This is mainly due to the fact that -76 has a more complete navigation facility, a special pilot cabin and a navigator, and can be rotated with fatigue, which is an incomparable advantage of fighters. The

navigator is the "eye" of the entire formation, which is related to the safety of the entire formation. But not all aircraft were safe. There had been a safety accident due to a navigator failure. 3 Soviet -27 crashed into the mountain, and 4 Elite pilots died.

" this happened in 1995, when the fifth session of the 95 Lima airshow opened in Malaysia, Russia sent the most advanced technology of Su -27 and the best pilots participated in the exercise, to take this opportunity to open the international market. The world knows the Su -27 flexibility, as it did then deliver the goods to become the biggest when hot air show. After the

airshow, several Su -27 were ready to return to Russia under the pilotage of IL -76, but there was no surprise that there was an accident on the way. On the day of the incident, the weather was very bad, the fog was filled with light rain, and the visibility was very low. All aircraft fleet commander persist in wilfully and arbitrarily move on, suddenly, right in front of a more than 600 metre peak. At this time, a few planes have not been able to change direction, all straight into the mountain. The 3 Soviet -27 was struck into a pile of scrap iron in a flash, and 4 of the elite pilots on the plane were killed. The accident, to Russia, was very heavy. After the accident of

, although the commander deserved the punishment, the loss could never be recovered. It can be seen, although there is a pilot, and still can not be careless.

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