The United States provides a "deadly weapon" to Ukraine without fear of stepping on the Russian Red Line

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foreign media said the president of Ukraine thanked the United States in December 23rd for the decision to provide his country with a deadly weapon. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin said Moscow believed the United States to provide weapons to Ukraine was a dangerous decision.

Ukraine thanked the United States for providing "lethal weapons".

, according to the The Associated Press December 23rd report, President Trump's Government approved a plan to provide weapons to Ukraine, including "light javelin" anti tank missiles. Ukraine has been seeking to acquire these weapons so as to fight Russian separatists in the eastern part of Ukraine, so warmly welcome the US move.

president of Ukraine, Poroshenko, said in English on Facebook website, "I want to thank President Trump for his leadership, the clear position of all our American friends, and the strong support of Ukraine's two parties. "

" boluoshenke not only in the face of the book to Trump, on twitter also made some thanks for writing. (

), France and Germany appealed to the belligerent parties to implement the ceasefire agreement which had been violated many times in December 23rd, but did not mention the decision of the United States. German Chancellor Merkel and French President Ma Kolon issued a joint statement calling on the warring parties to abide by the peace agreement reached by the good offices of France and Germany in 2015. The agreement includes the evacuation of heavy weapons, such as tanks and rocket launchers, and the exchange of prisoners.

the United States and its allies say Russia has mobilized troops and weapons to help insurgents in eastern Ukraine. Moscow denied the accusations, but admitted that Russian citizens joined the separatist armed forces as volunteers.

in recent weeks, the tension in eastern Ukraine has intensified. The observer of the OSCE expressed concern about the recent escalation of the war.

"in mid December, Eastern Ukraine government control region were rebels shelling. (Reuters)

earlier last week, Russia withdrew its military observers from the joint coordination center for monitoring cease-fire, because the Ukraine authorities' "restrictions and provocations" made it difficult for Russian officers to perform their duties.

, according to the Washington Post website December 23rd, the Ukraine government said that Secretary of state Tillerson had talked with Ukraine President Poroshenko on December 22nd about the recent escalation of violent conflicts. The State Council confirmed that there had been such a call, but there was no detail.

Ukraine said that Poroshenko thanked Tillerson for continuing to sanction Russia, and "Washington continues to provide support for improving Ukraine's defense capabilities". Tiller assured Poroshenko that the United States will continue to support Ukraine.

Russia denied transporting troops and heavy weapons to Eastern Ukraine, but the United States said Moscow provided arms and training, and sent troops to fight alongside separatists. Tillerson said that unless Moscow supports the rebels in Ukraine and returns Crimea to Ukraine, tensions between the US and Russia will not be improved and sanctions will not be abolished.

"picture: June 20, 2017, Trump met with the visiting Ukraine President Poroshenko at the white house.

Russia condemns the intensification of regional conflicts in the US.

, according to Russian news agency reported on December 23rd, Grigory Karasin, Russia's deputy foreign minister, said Moscow believes that the US's arms supply to Ukraine is a dangerous decision.

Karasin said, "the problem is not even the quantity and quantity of weapons in the US, but in fact, it is the belligerent force that Washington conniving Kiev. "

Karasin believes that any weapons supply will stimulate Ukraine's" militant "to force to resolve the Donbas conflict, so very dangerous".

"Grigori, he

in addition, which will increase the likelihood of rupture to perform the mediation process, the prospects of the Minsk agreement was suspect. Karasin said: "this will prevent Kiev and straighten out the Donbas dialogue. Without such a dialogue, the crisis could not be solved. "

Russia has warned the west not to take these measures more than once, because they only lead to an escalation of the situation. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov said: "in this case, also said the United States to play what role in the" mediator "mediation in the conflict in Ukraine? Washington is trying to use "mediator" itself. It is not what it is to provoke a war mediator, an accomplice. "

, also according to the German Der Spiegel website December 23rd, reported that Russia's response to the sale of weapons to Ukraine by the US is very clear: Washington has made everything more complicated, and calls it inciting the war.

, as well as it is expected, has been strongly accused by Russia. "This is a big mistake. "The president of the Russian federal committee, Valentina Matviyenko, said. She said Washington was so TASS, the Ukraine conflict, solve the problem becomes more difficult.

Ukraine's military forces have been fighting separatists in the eastern region since 2014, and behind the separatists are Russian military forces. The peace agreement in 2015 was not available

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