Russia is poor in China's high price to buy Russian gas?

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zhanluewang· 2017-12-25 21:05:55

of the Russian economy in recent years is very hard, the total economy was the equivalent of a province, China until recently began to come out of the recession, and behind this, in addition to seek development mode of non energy economy in the country, more important is China of the good brothers contributed to help in particular, Chinese, direct investment in Russian oil and gas fields and mining industry is growing fast.

, Russia is poor, but is China still playing? China has bought Russian oil and gas at a high price?

according to the Reuters reported on December 21st, the Russian gas company and China Petroleum Group is coming from the Russian Far East natural gas supply (a period of 30 years, about 8 billion cubic meters per year, a total of up to 30 billion cubic meters) of the main provisions of the signing of the agreement, the goal is to reach the final agreement in 2018. Prior to that, in 2014, the company signed the first contract with China. From December 2019, it supplied the largest 38 billion cubic meters of natural gas from East Siberia to China for 30 years.

, in view of the increasingly strategic partnership between Russia and China and the transformation of energy consumption structure, China has always been a special concern for Russia. China is more of a double predicament for Russia to go out of Western sanctions and the plunge in oil prices.

therefore, there is an analysis that China may have bought Russia's oil and natural gas. Of course, some people don't think why PetroChina has released the long-term trade agreement between China and Russia, so that you can understand this formula.

and in this context, such as Chinese appeared in support of Russia, to act as "big", even listing all the evidence, such as Chinese paid a high price for Russian gas, the Russian currency swap agreement for Russia to send the money, but the actual situation is what kind of?

analysis that, in fact, any company would have the trade agreement announced in a public occasion under the purchase price or price formula we all know, is equal to the leakage of their cards. Similarly, the Russian oil company will also regard the specific content of such agreements as "commercial secrets". According to the Convention, the transaction price is not fixed in advance in the protocol, but will follow the market, with a benchmark price as the basis for the adjustment of the instant.

, China petroleum reserves only 40 days, Japan has become the world's largest oil tyrant has become a dangerous signal.

actually, China such a huge amount of energy imports is affected by China oil reserves to buy strategic (standard 90 days according to the multi measure at present Chinese crude oil reserves is only equivalent to less than 40 days of net oil imports, far below the internationally recognized) to promote, and when the United States entered the oil refinery, Chinese the enterprise will get more choice, can also with relatively low prices of crude oil reserves, according to research firm Energy Aspects predicts that next year the number China imports of U.S. crude oil will be doubled.

at present, behind Chinese in "gas shortage" is an energy revolution and the pattern of consumption (try oil to gas, coal gas, etc.) to improve the clean energy consumption, environmental pollution prevention for the purpose, and the natural gas prices is due to excessive force caused by a short period of time the manufacturing needs of a large number of gas, and the supply side and tension caused by, but fortunately, China finally shot on gas shortage (for example, in December 21st the implementation of Wuhan natural gas purchase policy), two days ago, Chinese has ordered large oil companies to reduce natural gas consumption, in order to protect the northern people's needs.

China is still far from the end of the gas shortage. North China is in urgent trouble, and a large "gas shortage" is sweeping across China's

. Foreign media said that in a monopolistic market, the price of LNG will be completely liberalized, and the price of natural gas will inevitably go out of control. In the next few years, the consumption of natural gas in China will only be greatly improved, and the "gas shortage" is far from ending. In this regard, Xu Bo, a Chinese petroleum expert, said to the interface that "the problem of natural gas shortage must be reformed, otherwise it will be difficult to solve in five years." "Although the import of high priced natural gas from abroad can alleviate gas shortage, the key to solve the problem of gas shortage and cost is whether the output of domestic gas can go out of the difficult position.

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