The new resolution compression North Korea in the run-up to the lifeline of Russia, to play?

The United States the Korean War the missile

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new resolution compression in the Russian North Korea lifeline, preparing to play?

Shao Xufeng

recently, the situation on the peninsula is still heating. Before

, North America is up to its nuclear weapons of terror.

" in December 22, 2017, the United Nations passed since 2006 tenth sanctions resolution, in the original multiple sanctions based on the new resolution added with respect to - severe compression of the oil importing part of North Korea is the most terrible, North Korea will require resolution the number of annual imports of refined oil cut from 2 million barrels to 500 thousand barrels, crude oil imports cannot exceed 4 million barrels a year limit. In addition, the DPRK's overseas workers were repatriated within a limited period of time. The difference between

and all previous agreements is that this resolution began to compress the lifeblood of North Korea, which is only 500 thousand barrels a year -- less than 70 thousand tons, but the crude oil is large, 4 million barrels, but it needs processing, that is, refining. The oil output rate of refined oil products in developed countries is over 80%, and PetroChina Sinopec is between 60% and 65%. Due to backward technology and other reasons, Korea's oil output rate should be even lower than that of China.

in accordance with this resolution, North Korea either through the introduction of talent to improve the oil refining equipment update technology, so as to improve the rate of oil - but this easier said than done! Either in spite of the UN resolution to import refined oil, the DPRK will continue to promote its nuclear program and develop its military power, so it can only do that. But this decision was drafted by the United States, and the United States had previously called out to block the import and export channels of the DPRK. Now there is a UN resolution to rely on it. The United States should do more to tighten up the North Korean neck, so that the military conflict and war will not be far away.

, in fact, the DPRK's resolutions before and after the UN resolutions came to be held. From December 21st to 23, the fifth session of the chairmen of the DPRK Labor Party conference was held, aiming at strengthening the leadership of the DPRK Labor Party according to the current situation. It is reported that Kim Jeong-eun, the top leader of the DPRK, said at the meeting that the rapid development of the North Korean nuclear power has a great impact on the political and strategic environment of the world. In the face of sanctions, the national construction of the DPRK is still advancing, thanks to the trust of the Korean people to the labor party. Next, we should strengthen the construction of the party and bring about new changes in the process of building a country. The meeting of the

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, from the news of the explosion, is to strengthen the authority of the labor party to cope with the new situation.

" in addition, according to the 22 United Nations Security Council unanimously by the resolution involving North Korea, the DPRK Foreign Ministry spokesman said in a statement 24, North Korea believes that this is a violation of the sanctions on the DPRK's sovereignty. The statement said that the North Korean nuclear power is to safeguard the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country and safeguard the peaceful life of the people from the nuclear intimidation and nuclear threat of the United States. North Korea will continue to strengthen its nuclear containment.

, according to North Korea's actions and remarks, DPRK will continue to strengthen the leadership of the labor party, and also continue to promote nuclear power. Under

, we look at the United States.

in the UN resolution issued the same day, December 22nd, U.S. Defense Secretary Matisse visited North Carolina, the U.S. eighty-second airborne division, said: "the Korean Peninsula is shrouded in clouds of war" and "clouds gathering", the United States is through diplomatic means to resolve the nuclear issue, but the U.S. troops must also prepare for war. Matisse also said the United States has a plan to quickly withdraw soldiers' families from the peninsula.

" finally, Matisse also thought to airborne division soldiers to recommend a book, the book was published in 1963, the book describes and summarizes the lessons of failure in the Korean War in the u.s..

in this crucial moment, U.S. Secretary of defense Matisse's attitude is the attitude of the United States, said thoroughly is preparing for the profound understanding and summary, the experience and lessons of the Korean War, the Korean War and ready to have a full understanding of the factors including Chinese.

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in addition to the subtitle, Russian media also exposed the news, after the UN resolution issued soon, Russia in the Russian border facelift and deployment of a number of S-400 air defense system. The first is to be prepared to intercept transit missiles, which is ready to deal with a possible war.

" in the relevant countries in the war, North Korea should be more efforts to promote the process of nuclear missile, before there was news that North Korea within months have the ability to attack the United States with nuclear missiles, the last time, North Korea has fired Mars -15 intercontinental ballistic missile, allegedly a range of up to 13000 kilometers, covering the entire United states.

in the face of this situation, the United States Secretary of defense Matisse said North Korea's nuclear missile threat to the United States is not, perhaps the United States believes that North Korea after the Mars 15 performance has not yet reached the level of direct attacks on the United States -- especially with nuclear warheads, or North Korea to a few of these missiles are in production after the test

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