Where is the way out of the pressure screen? Still have to answer the apple himself


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Force is Apple's pressure sensing technology, after the Watch Apple on the first, and soon landed on the apple notebook and other products with touch on. Through the perception of light pressure and weight of the user's fingertips, to achieve a different command is the main function of Touch Force. However, apple is clearly not satisfied with this, they are still exploring new possibilities Touch Force.

the United States Patent and Trademark Office announced a new patent on the Apple Corp, which will introduce the next Touch Force can also add a new dimension to the operation of the MacBook.

the most cool feature of this patent is: the pressure data collected by the device can tell it, the user is not currently on the flat desktop use of equipment, but put the device on their legs. This pressure is not necessarily related to the user's operation, but it will activate the device's cooling mechanism to avoid overheating the user to use the device to feel uncomfortable.

this is the Apple Corp in 2013 on the application of the patent, do not know when they will be patented technology in reference to the product. />

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