The molding period is ten minutes ahead of time! Fatal rhythm is the first choice for AD


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in the current version of the ADC hero, most heroes will choose a comet based POKE flow of play or burst to storm the main flow of play, but few people can use deadly rhythm, attack speed is ADC but in fact, the cornerstone of Fu Wen's fatal rhythm in version 7.24 has become a can let the hidden artifact of ADC rapid prototyping.

fatal rhythm

is designed for fatal rhythm Gongsu flow ADC, in the original version, the strength was weak deadly rhythm, rise with POKE flow and the most Gongsu slow flow molding flawed AD itself, so few people choose, in version 7.24 the deadly rhythm has been strengthened, so that the re emergence of AD.

fatal rhythm Rune

in the current version, storm, comet and fast step contrast method, deadly rhythm has its own unique positioning.

for Gongsu type ADC, although the comet can help some heroes to enhance capacity, but in the later period, the comet on traditional equipment based ADC gain little quick step is life and enhance the output space of the rune rune, compared to deviate from the main theme version of damage first.

therefore, for those who like to play the traditional attack speed ADC, the main choice is the deadly rhythm and attack.

is the rhythm of the deadly core position to push the line and development ability of its powerful attack speed brought, and in the fight against shake attack speed advantage, in the middle and late stage, it is in the traditional attire for help the core of the ADC in advance is a storm forming; pay more attention to the advantages of playing line runes, with excellent effect of auxiliary control.

"; the general point method

Fu Wen's fatal rhythm is to point out the fatal rhythm, triumph, precision: joy and legend in the fatal blow, the deputy department runes of magic or dominate the selection system rune.

non violent flow attack speed ADC

next we will discuss the attack speed type ADC suitable for the deadly rhythm.

attack speed ADC is also divided into two types, one of which is the attack speed ADC of non storm flow, and their main source of damage is not from violent attack.

ultimate attack speed flow ADC: Carly Starr

C is a very special ADC hero, her main source of injury of infinite stack spear from the E skills, and enhance the E damage means is high Gongsu the crazy jump, so the rune point suddenly shock and voracious hunter, the former with infinite jumps, the latter with broken and blood sucking equipment.

C on the line after the deadly rhythm easily hit by passive stack more spear, spear and then pull the residual blood soldier refresh E skills, the middle Carly Starr by additional attack speed rapid prototyping deadly snowball rhythm.

for index: assumes

Carly Starr is not only a type of linear AD attack speed, AD is also a very strong offensive. Her E is also suitable for the storm, but the storm flow play requires higher proficiency, more pressure to attack.

mixed type ADC injury: Verus and mouth


two ADC are the core cetan hero flagship AP/AD mixed with the percentage of damage and injury, a strong period of time is very long, which is similar to the rune point method the same choice of blood or a taste.


, the two ADC attack speed equipment is much faster than all attack speed ADC, and sheep knife, hurricane blade, attack speed shoes and even sometimes need a piece of runaway, so they get very high returns from the fatal rhythm. Have a deceleration configuration easily triggered lethal rhythm on the lines of the two heroes, veiros single stack Gongsu strong to fight, to fight strong mouth high range have different approaches but equally satisfactory results and wonderful.

for index: * assumes

index for the mouth of the 5 stars, Verus's attack speed close to 5 stars (Verus flow play POKE stream play natural points of the comet).



, ADC and ADC are the most popular traditional ADC, which has been popular till now.

the mouse and the golden marks together because of their two hero character

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