Be vigilant! A global Anti China mood is brewing

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niudanqin· 2017-12-26 09:48:21

, a global campaign against People's Republic of China is brewing. (A global backlash is brewing against the People s Republic of China.

") this is a commentary on the" Washington Post "warning, the author is a senior reporter and the newspaper had long China John Pang Ferrer (John Pomfret).

some of the content, will inevitably be exaggerated distortions, but listen to sing the same old song suspected his warning, perhaps we think otherwise.

does not translate the full text, the main points of the article, how a global Anti China.

1, in Australia, Chinese political contributions people accused of interfering with the Australian political movement, a member of Parliament resigned last week, the Australian government is the introduction of the law against foreign forces of Australia's political infiltration. (this is the Australian Prime Minister Bryant recently quite a stir "the Australian people stand up" declare, insider is not so simple, but Australia does worse in

2, ) in Europe, people increasingly wary of mercantilist practices in China, and Chinese grab European innovation technology enterprise practice. (in China view, it is normal to overseas mergers and acquisitions, but in Europe, some countries really think this is China enterprise

3, tactical beheaded) in the United States, business has always been that Sino US relations ballast, but now on how to develop relations with China, has no unified opinion. Many American companies have suffered losses in China. Moreover, China's industrial espionage activities, the requirement of compulsory technology transfer, the publicity of state media in the US, and the educational institutions attempting to influence the United States are prompting the us to respond. (anyway, in the eyes of the United States, some of the normal actions of the Chinese side contain hidden secrets)

4 and now face greater difficulties for Chinese enterprises to acquire high-tech enterprises in the US. Moreover, the US Congress is discussing that China's state-owned TV stations and news agencies in the US must be registered in the name of foreign power agents. (that is to say, the United States has aimed at CCTV and Xinhua News Agency) the anti

5 sentiment of

5 and coincides with China's unprecedented confidence in its economic and political models. (Pomfret Chinese should imply "four confidence")

6, anti Chinese sentiment increases, there is a reason, is worried about western China will win victory in the global resources, market share, and the ideological influence etc.. When Trump visited China in November, the American media was full of "China's global leadership over the United States". The headline of the CNN website in November 3rd was "why China won 2017 and how Trump helped their ". " China won ", written by political analyst Ian Brehm (Ian Bremmer), has become the cover of the Time.

7 , it is worth noting that in recent weeks, the United States and the European Union began ganging up on Chinese, does not recognize the Chinese according to the terms of the WTO should enjoy the status of market economy, because this position will protect China avoid anti-dumping penalties. At the WTO Buenos Aires ministerial meeting not long ago, the United States, the European Union and Japan joined together to deal with China. (it is open to depend on the practice, but it is really a trend

8, ) in Trump's trip to Asia in November, he began to use India too concept to replace the "Asia Pacific" concept, this is a signal that the intention of the United States will come into India, as Chinese in military and economic the rise of the balance of power. During the Manila East Asia Summit, officials from the United States, Australia, Japan and India held talks to revive the so-called "four Nation Alliance", which is concerned about the rise of China.

9 and worry that Trump's coming to power will weaken US's influence. Some Asian countries are in the absence of the us to hedge China's rise. Trump withdrew from TPP, but TPP did not die. It is out of China's concern that the remaining TPP11 countries are still maintaining the agreement. In addition to

10 and , Japan has actively encouraged India to play a greater impact in Asia. Japan has helped to coordinate the summit of India and ASEAN members in India, allowing India to participate in helping these countries to reduce their dependence on China's trade and investment. (what is called secret sabotage!)

11 , this article claims that some non democratic countries, including the history and Chinese close to the country, also appeared on "conflict and Chinese Belt and Road Initiative" discontent. The article argues that although China is trying to package the project into a Chinese version of the Marshall plan, it has become more and more western colonialism rather than aid cooperation.

12, as a concrete example, the article claims that Sri Lanka is currently in arrears with more than $8 billion in debt to Chinese companies. As part of the plan to get rid of the debt trap,

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Be vigilant! A global Anti China mood is brewing

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