Japan has deceived the whole world!? China hastened to build an aircraft carrier!

Japan frigate helicopter

huanqiuwang· 2017-12-26 09:49:12

China needs to realize the pattern of four or five aircraft carriers as soon as possible.

Japan to Izumo warships expanded into landing F-35B stealth fighter aircraft carrier, which is the latest reported Kyodo News Agency Monday. It is reported that the Japanese government has begun to fully explore the purchase of some F-35B fighters that can take part in the short distance from the US, which will be written into the new outline of the defense plan.


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you know, Izumo Japanese called helicopter frigate, but its drainage capacity is 19 thousand and 500 tons, a stamp to the sea, to see how like the aircraft carrier, it can carry 14 helicopters the deck is complete, through the. In fact, it is a light carrier, but a Japanese thief, intentional call it a frigate, not even a destroyer called. Because the Japanese Peace Constitution does not permit the possession of an attacking aircraft carrier. During World War II, Japanese militarism have relied on the aircraft carrier, tinkling se, bombed Hawaii, to the Japanese nation into hitherto unknown disaster, so the constitution of Japan postwar made such a dead set.

"helicopter frigate

cloud, now this generation of Japanese can be said to be good to forget the scars of love, just wondering how to break the peace constitution, but also take Izumo such quasi carrier as the frigate, walking a fine line. Now, the edge ball has been turned into an arc ball. It is necessary to replace the helicopter on the warship to the F-35B fixed wing advanced fighter, which almost completely ripped the mask that Japan did not own. If

F-35B boarded the Izumo, means that Japan will become the first Asian country has equipped with the latest generation of stealth fighter aircraft carrier. Although the amount of water cloud number than the normal small and medium-sized aircraft carrier, according to published reports, the Liaoning ship Chinese standard displacement of 55 thousand tons, but there are some very small aircraft carrier in the world, the drainage volume is only 10 thousand tons, such as Thailand's "Royal Princess", "Garibaldi", Italy it is about 10 thousand tons, amount of water cloud number is two times of their. Building several more Izumo, Japanese aircraft carrier battle group together.


China stealth fighter and Russia should exert diplomatic pressure to Japan, South Korea should also be mobilized to put pressure on Japan, because Japan Sea on the strength of South Korea is unfavorable. At the same time,

Chinese Hu believes that speeding up their naval construction, it is more important than what. Because this is what we can control, and how Japan does it, we can't control it. China needs to realize the pattern of four or five aircraft carriers as soon as possible.

to say ah, China has crossed the historic turning point of the total military than in japan. What China is facing now is how to game with the US led western Pacific Alliance System. There are many short boards in China's military power, and our national defense construction can be said to be a long way to go.

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