This kind of detector has been stopped by the state, but some hospitals are still in use!

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yangshixinwen· 2017-12-26 09:49:19

in July this year, the media disclosed a German imported instrument called "biological resonance physical detector", which was used by many hospitals around the country to conduct allergy detection. The State Planning Commission subsequently sent a letter to clear rectification requirements, but there are still a lot of illegal use in hospital.

, the reporter found that there are still such "hospital violation detection

bio resonance physics detector" to 100 Kang, Murrah two as representatives, to enter the domestic market in more than 10 years ago, with "adjuvant therapy" in the name of "get access permits", has been around a number of hospitals to carry out illegal business allergen detection. There is a hospital call, can not hit the needle, do not do skin test, direct detection of the human allergen.

a map from the

network reporter went to a hospital inspection, suddenly found himself on the fish, even saccharin are allergic to peanuts. The reporter said he did not have any allergies, but the doctor said the test was about to be allergic. At present, "biophysics treatment" technology does not take drugs without taking drugs, and the results are quickly obtained, and the patients are generally made. Dr.

: you can't drink, all fish can't eat, peanuts can't eat, beef can't eat, Auricularia.

reporter: but I've got nothing to do before. Dr.

: you can't eat this for a while.

reporter: what is this period of time? Dr.

: This is not a lifetime.

reporter: it seems that I have been drinking and eating fish recently. Is this a reliable test? Dr.

: you can also, if you use a traditional patch test for 48 hours, and some people will be bubbling, the allergy will be very serious, usually do not do that. After the stop of

countries, the hospital's "flexible Mastery" assisted treatment of

national food and drug administration has found that such products are limited to "adjuvant therapy for allergic diseases of patients" and have not been approved for allergen detection. The State Food and Drug Administration decided to baico two Murrah, product registration certificate expires after registration. The State Health Planning Commission explicitly requires that the products after the registration certificate expired, and the medical institutions should stop immediately. For the products in the validity period of the registration certificate, they should be applied strictly according to the application scope of registration.

, but some hospitals play the "variant of the art". The reporter contacted Xu Ping, the director of Department of ENT, the Fourth Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University, who had claimed to have used this kind of instrument, and the effect was very good. In his interview, Xu Ping used reporters as a device manufacturer, revealing the secret behind him. He said that the country is not allowed to use, and they have other ways.

reporter: the country says it doesn't have to be tested for allergens.

Xu Ping: you're not going to finish the treatment.

reporter: adjuvant therapy?

Xu Ping: what is called the main, what is called the auxiliary, this flexible mastery, but you have to do the work, this can be changed.

Xu Ping said that although the State forbids the biophysical therapy instrument to do allergen detection, it is not strictly implemented at the grass-roots level. He also suggested that the manufacturer should do more work to allow the cancelled registration certificate to be restored, otherwise it would not be used in the future.

reporter: has the hospital received a notice from the superior?

Xu Ping: it's all right. At most, the business has stopped. To the grass-roots level is not so strict, the state said to go, there is no reason at all.

Xu Ping: it's your problem if the new equipment is able to get a certificate. Our old equipment has been used for a long time. New equipment, you want to do the job, if it is not what we will buy in the future, it will not be used later.

expert: this kind of instrument of delay in treatment time

WHO has the allergic disease is one of the key research and prevention of the disease in twenty-first Century, because in the past 30 years, patients with allergic diseases has increased at least 3 times.

experts said that only locking allergens, and targeted therapy can truly and accurately attack, get rid of allergies, and not the real lock allergen testing instrument can delay the timing of treatment, to patients with allergic diseases brought endless troubles. At present, the internationally recognized methods for the diagnosis of allergens are mainly in vivo and in vitro experiments.

in vivo: is the allergen skin test or by using methods such as prick on the human body, observe the human response to allergens, determine whether patients on these allergens;

in vitro: blood or other body fluids from patients were measured in vitro, allergens are not directly applied to the human body. Wang Xueyan, director of allergy branch of

Beijing Medical Association, said that the mainstream of the industry did not recognize the "biological resonance physical detector", and the relevant departments also stopped. If the test is inaccurate, it can also bring a lot of negative effects. For example, some of the things was not allergic, but the doctor asked diet may lead to malnutrition. And it has no scientific treatment, and the current medical mainstream does not do the treatment of "biological resonance".

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