Washing machine industry a large downward pressure on Haier and other major brands expected essay

Haier washing machine high pressure

huanqiujiadianwang· 2016-05-16 21:35:29

< P style = "text 2em;" >2015 years since, domestic economy into low down the new normal, under the influence of macroeconomic environment and the housing industry downturn and other factors, the market of household electrical appliances industry entered a new round of reshuffle. In this context, consumers are more willing to choose the "legendary" brand. Therefore, the downward pressure on the economic situation in the industry, big brands more at first grasp of user needs and meet the needs of users of the essay. Style= text-indent: "2em

this trend is reflected in the washing machine industry is particularly evident. According to the related report, 2016 first quarter of washing machine industry as a whole fell 6.8%, washing machine down 18%, incremental 2.6% for drum washing machine, washing machine industry development is still severe, second and third line brands of washing machines survival situation particularly worrying, but is different with the second and third tier washing machine brand, a large brand of washing machines instead of achieving contrarian growth.

in the washing machine industry user interaction do best of Haier washing machine as an example, first quarter of 2016, Haier washing machine in the drum and washing products market two years both scored under the industry first, the drum products market share accounted for ratio reached 24.2%, washing products market share accounted for than achieving 32.7%, in drum and an impeller, the two big markets, Haier washing machines are to achieve the contrarian growth in varying degrees.

in the opinion of the personage inside course of study, two or three line washing machine brand in the R & D investment, technological innovation in the field of disadvantage, coupled with the downward pressure on the economy caused by weak demand, consumers are more willing to choose the reasonable brand. The brand both in resource allocation or to the market to control, is small and medium-sized brands in a short period of time can not match the strategy to develop and improve. For example, Haier according to the market demand, no clean washing machine cluster innovation launched the integration of global resources.

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there are people in the industry said that under the background of supply side structural reforms, the washing machine business market crisis is not a problem, grasp the uncertainty demand is the real problem. In the domestic economy in the new normal low down, between the second and third line brands and brands will present the competition situation of the survival of the fittest, big brands in the grasp of user needs, meet the users the ability to clearly stronger. />

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