Why did nobody dare to provoke Russia? Putin: there are only two allies in Russia

Russia the United States the frigate

junjitu· 2017-12-26 16:08:25

From the second Chechnya war, Putin flew the Suzhou -27 fighter to Chechnya Grozny airport to express the victory of the second Chechnya war. It was officially elected president of Russian Federation in 2000, and it has been in the past 17 years since the

Chechnya war. Since Putin came to power, he has made great efforts in the transformation of the Russian decadent trend in the army, navy and air force, and has made remarkable achievements in the field of new frigates, new fighters, new ground to ground ballistic missiles, new tanks and new bombers. As he said, give me 20 years, and you are a powerful Russian. Although Russia's economy can not be compared with the United States and China, Russia is generally recognized as the second largest power in the world, at least in military terms.

Russia has been directly and indirectly involved in several important local conflicts in recent ten years. As Putin said, if it is not ready to take a weapon, the Russian will do it when he takes up the weapon. From the Georgian war to the extreme armed forces in the Middle East, the Russian ambition was once again displayed in the face of the world. That is a lot of experts call: "no money, can not participate in combat", "the Russian navy and the United States did not dare to die, tit for tat" Russia, make practical action to face the "lie". From the mob level Corvette cruise missile launch caliber long-range strike extremist armed to figure -160 and figure -95, -22M3 strong attack, and then to the USS Kuznetsov is all the world to see a joke, to the U.S. "national interest website" the author said: Russian weapons inventory Co., could not win the war in the future. Russia is not only the world under the sarcasm, a huge domestic economic pressure, but Russia still has basically completed their objectives in the Middle East, retreats.

Putin has quoted czar Alexander S for many times. Russia has only two allies: the army and the Navy. The idea is to do great things only by themselves. Why not say the air force, because Alexander II said this time, Russia has no aircraft. It is this tough style, let Russia repeatedly local operations in the decisive attack, the so-called Speed is the soldier's asset., just confirms the sentence: the world of martial arts but not fast breaking. And sometimes on the battlefield is the need of this style.

" in Japan on the four northern islands dispute, Russia's attitude is also very obvious, in addition to playing Tai Chi, beyond hope Japan can invest in the development of the Far East, Putin said, not only the territorial issue negotiation, war.

" even the United States in the Mediterranean and Russia did not dare to confrontation, with nuclear powered aircraft carrier, stealth five generation machine America is not dare to provoke Russia, because Russia is not much money, but you will regret to provoke him.

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