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The United States the Chinese air force the United States Air Force the Navy

zhanluewang· 2017-12-26 16:08:36

according to our messages Shenyang, Shenyang in China this year, completed 11 days ahead of the production tasks, delivery of adequate fighter to the air force and Navy, to Shenyang sales this year, Shenyang is likely to deliver 40 fighters 16 fighters from the air force and naval aviation, aircraft and other enough two a mixed aviation brigade, but on the other hand, the number of fighters is actually insufficient. Although the number of plus before delivery, China Shenyang delivered 16 fighters may have already reached 80, the number has a lot, but compared to the United States is still insufficient. If the United States Air Force standards, China's air force is at least about 200 of the 16 fighter aircraft, if you need to replace a part of the 7 fighter and meet the needs of the Navy's words, the final demand is likely to exceed 400, even for Shenyang, also need 10 years of production left right.

J 16 fighter although the strike capability is strong enough, but the number has been one of the biggest problems in carrying out combat missions, at least 16 fighters can carry 24 250 kg bombs, or 4 1 ton "Tiangong" precision manufacturing 12 100 kg bombs and small diameter bomb, the overall combat capability is better than 2 JH 7, even compared to boom 6 strategic bombers are not too big gap, but less than the detonation 6K.

China's equipment "Tiangong" precision guided bomb not only has enough capacity to fight, in the future improvement, also can be changed into "a series of bomb Tiange" penetrator, is not less than the U.S. F15SE fighters in the fight against ability. In the sea combat, 16 fighters than the other countries more powerful fighters, only 7 heavy it can at least carry 6 YJ83+1 or 2 YJ12+4 tank YJ83+1 tank combat mode, even under the condition of heavy load, but also to ensure the combat radius of 1500 km this distance, plus a range of up to 600 km YJ12 missiles, 16 fighters with 500 air marshals can control our surrounding waters 2000 kilometers, this basically has enough China control throughout Japan or against Okinawa, near Philippines, the United States aircraft carrier formation. But the relative number of

, is the biggest problem, 80 fighters and 16 is not enough, the United States Air Force tactical combat capability, the United States Air Force ready to deploy 5 to 7 tactical air wing in Chinese surrounding, half of which are attack wing, which in terms of number of US Air Force Tactical Aviation 3 tactical fighter wing, 220 fighter wing will have.

" relative, in order to deal with the air force China around Korea, Japan and the United States Army, we need the equivalent of at least 10 to 12 tactical air wing combat force, even half of them attack aircraft, and in part by the relatively old 7 fighter fighter to replace China air force also needs at least 300 aircraft around the 16 fighter aircraft, in order to ensure the advantage, you need at least more than 400 aircraft, aircraft lacking in this case, the best way is Shenyang and XAC equipment "as pulse production line, in order to every year dozens or even the speed of production aircraft hundred aircraft, this is the best.

China air force is the biggest problem in quantity, while advanced aircraft quality has been inferior to the United States, but the number is 2 to 3 times the gap, so the capacity of aircraft problem is the biggest problem in China's air force.

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